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Question From class 8 Chapter VISUALISING SOLID SHAPES

Polygons are classified according to the number of sides.

The number of sides of two regular polygons are as 5: 4 and the difference between their angles is Find the number of sides of the polygons
दो बहुभुज की भुजाओ की संख्या का अनुपात हे तथा उनके आतंरिक कोणों का अनुपात हे। तो इन दोनों बहुभुजों की भुजाओ की संख्या ज्ञात करे
दो बहुभुजों में भुजाओ की संख्याओं का अनुपात है । यदि बहुभुजों के आंतरिक कोणो का अंतर हो , तो भुजाओं की संख्या ज्ञात करे ?
-sided polygons are formed by joining the vertices of an -sided polygon. Find the number of polygons that can be formed, none of whose sides coincide with those of the -sided polygon.
Two regular polygons are inscribed in the same circle. The first polygon has 1982 sides and the second has 2973 sides. If the polygons have any common vertices, then the number of such vertices will be
According to their modes of nutrition, the fungi are classified into
The angle in one regular polygon is to that in another as and the number of sides in first is twice that in the second. Determine the number of sides of two polygons.
Fill in the blanks using the correct word given in bracket: (i) All circles are______(congruent, similar) (ii) All squares are_____. (similar, congruent) (iii) All______triangles are similar, (isosceles, equilateral) (iv) Two polygons of the
Ratio between number of sides of two regular polygons is and ratio between degree measure of their interior angles is Write the name of these polygons.
Chlamydomonas and Amoeba are classified in kingdom protista according to Whittaker's classification system but by earlier classification system both these organisms are classified in different kingdoms (True/False)
Fill in the blanks using the correct word given in brackets: Two triangles are similar, if their corresponding angles are ...... (proportional, equal) Two triangles are similar, if their corresponding sides are ....... (proportional, equal) (iii) Two polygons of the same number of sides are similar, if (a) their corresponding angles are and (b) their corresponding sides are ........ (equal, proportional).
Elements of a population are classified according to the presence or absence of each of 3 attributes A, B and C. What is the number of smallest ultimate classes into which is population is divided?
N-sides of a convex polygons and then it has diagonals.
A regular polygon has N sides where . Each of its interior angles is an integer in degrees. How many such polygons are possible ?
Organisms are classified to

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Curve --a plane figure formed by joining a number of points without lifting a pencil from the paper and without retracing any portion of the drawing other than single points is called a curve.

Open curve is a curve which does not cut itself is called an open curve .

Closed curves a curve which cuts itself is called a closed curve.

Simple closed curve a closed curve is called a simple closed curve if it does not pass through one point more than once.

Position of a point with respect to a curve.

Polygons a polygon is a closed curve (figure)formed by the line segments such that : (i)no two line segments intersect except at their end -points.(ii)no two line segments with a common end points are coincident.

Polygons are classified according to the number of sides.

Adjacent sides any two sides with a common endpoint(vertex)are called the adjacent sides of the polygon.

Adjacent vertices the end-points of the same side of a polygon are known as the adjacent vertices.

DIAGONALS The line segments obtained by joining vertices which are are not adjacents are called the diagonals of the polygon.