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Question From class 8 Chapter COMPARING QUANTITIES

percent The word percent is an abbreviation of the Latin phase per centum which means per hundred or hundredths.

The word systematics is derived from the latin word 'systema' which means?
Find the percent of pure gold is 22-carat gold, if 24 carat gold is hundred percent pure gold.
What would be the percent growth or birth rate per individual per hour for the same population mentioned in the previous question (Question 10)?
Profit percent = profit/C.P. xx 100 Loss per cent = Loss/C.P. xx 100
Percent of solute: Calculate the mass of calcium suphate contained in of a solution of <br> Strategy: Percent infromation means the solution contains fo per of solution. To solve the problem, we can use either unitary method or Eq (1.16) or construct a unit factor.
A shopkeeper buys candles at Rs 13 per dozen and an equal number at Rs 16 per score. He mixed them and sells at the rate of 5 for Rs 11.80. find his gain or loss percent
find the simple interest on rs 2500 at 4.5 percent per annum for 5 year
As per RBI, what percent of demonetised banknotes have been recovered?
One hundred seventy five point zero four     OR One hundred seventy five and four hundredths Zero point two one        OR Zero and twenty one hundredths Nine point zero zero four        OR Nine four thousandths Zero point four five nine       OR Zero and four hundred fifty nine thousandths
A JEE aspirant estimates that she will be successful with an 80 percent chance if she studies 10 hours per day, with a 60 percent chance if she studies 7 hours per day and with 40 percent chance if she studies 4 hours per day. She further believes that she will study 10 hours, 7 hours and 4 hours per day with probabilities 0.1, 0.2 and 0.7 respectively.
If the simple interest on 1 for 1 months is 1 paisa then the rate percent per annum will be(यदि रु 1 पर 1 माह का साधारण बियाज 1 पैसा है, तो वार्षिक दर प्रतिशत कितने होगा?)
A merchant buys a 50 litre cask of wine for Rs.6250 and sells it at Rs. 130 per litre. His loss or gain percent is :
Phosphor bronze is an alloy of copper with percent to 10 per cent of tin and up to 1 per cent of phosphorous . What is the reason for the addition of phosphorous
There are four tax slans namely 5 percent, 12 percent , 18 percent and _______ for all goods or services.
Find the rate percent per annum if Rs 2000 amount to Rs 2662 is  years, interest being compounded half-yearly?

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percent The word percent is an abbreviation of the Latin phase per centum which means per hundred or hundredths.

Percent as a fraction

Percent as a ratio

Percent in decimal form

Percent of given number

of 25 students are good at mathematics. How many are not good at it ?

A nursery has 5000 plants. of the planets are roses and are mango plants. What is the total number of other plants?

A man loses of his money. After spending of the remainder he has Rs 480.00 left. How much money did he originally have ?

If in a city like cricket like football and remaining like other games. What percent like the other games? If the total number of people is 56 lakhs find the exact number who like each type of game.