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Question From class 11 Chapter DEFAULT

Number of ways of selecting 10 students out of 40 boys and 60 girls is

In how many ways can a team of 3 boys and 3 girls be selected from 5 boys and 4 girls?
How many ways to form teams of 3 boys and 3 girls out of 5 girls and 4 girls?
Number of ways arranging 4 boys and 5 girls if between two particular girls there is exactly two boys.
एक परीक्षा में 1000 लड़के तथा 800 लडकियां शामिल होते है । यदि 60% लड़के तथा 50% लडकियां उत्तीण होती है, तो अनुत्तीण या असफल छात्रों का प्रतिशत ज्ञात करे ?
एक परीक्षा में 640 लड़के तथा 360 लडकियां शामिल होते है । यदि 60% लड़के तथा 80% लड़कियां सफल हो तो असफल छात्रों का प्रतिशत ज्ञात करे ।
एक परीक्षा में 1100 लड़के तथा 900 लडकियां शामिल होते है 50% लड़के तथा 40% लडकियां सफल होती है, तो कितने प्रतिशत छात्र असफल होते है ?
In a school, 720 are boys and 40% are girls. Find the number of girls.
There are 20 girls and 15 boys in a class. (a) What is the ratio of number of girls to the number of boys? b) What is the ratio of number of girls to the students in the class?
एक कक्षा मे छात्रों का लड़कियां हैं तथा शेष लड़के हैं यदि लडकियों का और लडकों के छात्र अनुपस्थित हैं, तो कुल विद्यार्थियों की संख्या का कितना भाग उपस्थित है।
In the Awadh school Gomti Nagar, there are 500 students. of the students are boys, of whom play hockey and the girls don't play hockey, of girls play badminton.There are only two games to be played. The number of students who don't play any game is :
The total number of ways in which 4 boys and 4 girls can form a line, with boys and girls alternating, is
Five boys and five girls form a line with the boys and girls alternating. Find the number of ways of making the line.
In a class of 50 students, 20 are boys and rest are girls. A student is selected at random. Find the probability of selecting a boy.
Ratio between the girls one long 11 class of 40 students is 2:3 five, new students joined the class how many of them must be boys so that the both between girls and boys became 4:5?
In a college, out of 4320 students, 2300 are girls. Find the ratio of (a) Number of girls to the total number of students. (b) Number of boys to the number of girls (c) Number of boys to the total number of students

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(a)Compute (i) (ii) (b)find n if

fundamental principle of multiplication

fundamental principle of addition

Difference and application of fundamental principals

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