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Question From class 12 Chapter RELATIONS

No. of anti symmetric Relation

Anti symmetric relation: Definition
Consider the following statements: <br> (i) Every reflexive relation is anti-symmetric. <br> (ii) Every symmetric relation is anti-symetric which among i and ii is true?
Explain the following (i)Reflexive Relaton (ii) symmetric Relation (iii) Anti- symmetaic relation (iv) transitive relation
Assertion and Reason type questions :Consider the following statements, p: Every reflexive relation is a symmetric relation, q: Every anti-symmetric relation is reflexive.Which of the following is/ are true?
Definition of Symmetric relation
Let A={1, 2, 3) be a given set. Define a relation on A swhich is (i) reflexive and transitive but not symmetric on A (ii) reflexive and symmeetric but not transitive on A (iii) transitive and symmetric but not reflexive on A (iv) reflexive but neither symmetric nor transitive on A (v) symmetric but neither reflexive nor transitive on A (vi) transitive but neither reflexive nor symmetric on A (vii) neither reflexive nor symmetric and transitive on A (vii) an equivalence relation on A (ix) neither symmetric nor anti symmmetric on A (x) symmetric but not anti symmetric on A
Define a symmetric relation.
If a matrix A is symmetric as well as anti-symmetric, then which one of the following is correct ?
Number of Symmetric and asymmetric relation
Explain the Relation (i) Reflexive
Every relation which is symmetric and transitive is also reflexive.
Let and define , then R is (a) reflexive (b) symmetric (c) transitive (d) anti-symmetric
The relation R is such that a Reflexive, not symmetric, transitive Reflexive, symmetric, transitive Reflexive, not symmetric, not transitive none of above
is a relation over the set of all real numbers and it is given by . Then, is symmetric and transitive only reflexive and symmetric only (c) antisymmetric relation (d) an equivalence relation
means that n is a factor of m, then the relation T' is (a) reflexive and symmetric (b) transitive and reflexive (c) reflexive, transitive and symmetric (d) reflexive, transtive and not symmetric

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