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Question From class 6 Chapter FRACTIONS

Nandini’s house is km from her school. She walked some distance and then took a bus for km to reach the school. How far did she walk?

Solution :

total distance of house from the school = km <br> distance nandini walked= total distance- distance - distance she took bus <br> <br> <br> km <br> answer

Ramesh covered km of distance by bus and he walked km distance to reach school from home.How much total distance he covered to reach school.
Shalu cycles to her school at an average speed of 12 km/hr. It takes her 20 minutes to reach the school. If she wants to reach her school in 15 minutes, what should be her average speed?
A school bus driver starts from the school drives 2 km towards North, takes a left turn and drives for 5 km. He then takes a left turn and drives for 8 km before taking a left turn again and driving for further 5 km. The driver finally takes a left turn and drives 1 km before stopping. How far and towards which direction should the driver drive to reach the school again?
Sunita travelled 15 km 268 m by bus, 7 km 7 m by car and 500 m on foot in order to reach her school. How far is her school from her residence?
he distance between the school and the house of a student’s house is 1 km 875 m. Everyday she walks both ways. Find the total distance covered by her in six days
Akash leaves home for school which is 12 km from his house. After the school, he goes to his club which is 7 km from his school. if his house, school and club all fall in a line, then what is the minimum distance he has to travel to get back home? b. c. d. e.
Urmila’s school is at a distance of 5 km 350 m from her house. She travels 1 km 70 m on foot and the rest by bus. How much distance does she travel by bus?
The distance between the school and the house of a student is 1km 875m. Everyday she walks both ways between her school and home. Find the total distance covered by her in a week.
Ramkali would need Rs. 1800 for admission fee and books etc., for her daughter to start going to school from next year. She saved Rs. 50 in the first month of this year and increased her monthly saving by Rs. 20. After a year, how much money will she save? Will she be able to fulfil her dream of sending her daughter to school?
A student walks from his house at a speed of km per hour and reaches his school 6 minutes late. The next day he increases his speed by 1 km per hour and reaches 6 minutes before school time. How far is the school from his house? b. c. d.
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Tanuj walked 8.62km on Monday, 7.05km on Tuesday and some distance on Wednesday. If he walked 21.01 km in three days, how much distance did he walk on Wednesday?
Sabrina walks home at the speed 8 km/hr and cycles at the speed 13 km/hr. If the total distance she covers is 84 km in 8 hours then find how much distance she walks and cycles?
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Ranjana's mother gave her Rs 245 for buying New Year cards. If she got some 10-rupee cards, as many 15-rupee cards and as many 15 rupee cards, how many each kind did she buy?

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