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Name the types of following triangles : (a) Triangle with lengths of sides . (b) . (c) such that . (d)

Solution :

a)Scalene triangle<br> b)Scalene triangle<br> c)Equilateral triangle<br> d)Right angled triangle<br> e)Isosceles right angled triangle<br> f)Acute angle triangle.

Two triangles ABC and PQR are such that . Show that and state the similarity criterion.
In , If
The reas of two similar triangles are respectively. If
PQRS एक आयत है,AP = 22 से. मी. PQ = 8 से. मी. है। एक त्रिभुज है जिसके शीर्ष PQRS की भुजाओं पर इस तरह से मिलते है की BQ = 2से. मी. और QC = 8 से. मी. है। AB और BC भुजाओं के मध्य बिंदुओं पर मिलने वाली रेखा की लम्बाई होगी?
Construct a triangle PQR, in which QR=4.5 cm, and PQ-PR=2 cm.
It is given that such that AB=5 cm, AC=7 cm, DF= 15 cm and DE = 12 cm. Find the lengths of the remaining sides of the triangles.
If then PR=?
if D and E are points on the sides AB and AC of a . Such that AB=12 cm, AD=8 cm, AE=12 cm, AC= 18 cm. show that DE||BC.
In each of the following cases, give reason to show that the construction of is not possible. <br> (i) cm, and cm. <br> (ii) cm, cm and cm. <br> (iii) cm, and cm. <br> (iv) cm, and .
In a are respectively the mid-points of BC, CA and AB. If the lengths of side AB, BC and CA are 7 cm, 8 cm and 9 cm respectively, find the permeter of
In , it is given that . Also is givne such that . Then perimeter of is
The sides of a triangle are 2006 cm, 6002 cm and m cm, where m is a positive integer. Find the number of such possible triangles.
Construct a triangle PQR, such that and PQ-QR = 1.4 cm.
State with reasons in which of the following cases triangles are not possible: PQR ,PQ=54 m,QR=105 m ,PR=45 m
A and B are respectively the points on the sides PQ and PR of a such that PQ =12.5 cm, PA= 5 cm, BR = 6 cm and PB = 4 cm. Is AB QR? Give reason for your answer.

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Triangle a plane figure formed by three non-parallel line segments is called a triangle.

Sides the three line segments ABBC and CA that form the triangle ABC are called the sides of the triangle ABC.

Angles the three angle are called the angles of

Elements or parts the three sides AB BC CA and three angles A B C of a Delta ABC are together called the six parts of elements of the

INTERIOR The part made up by all such points P which are enclosed by is called the interior of

EXTERIOR The part made up by all such points Q which are not enclosed by is called the exterior of .

TRIANGULAR REGION The interior of together with the itself is called the triangular region .

Altitudes the perpendiculars drawn from the vertices of a triangle to the opposite side are known as the altitudes of the triangle.

Medians the line segments joining the vertices to the mid-points of the opposite side of a triangle are known as its medians.