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Name each of the following triangles in two different ways: (you may judge the nature of the angle by observation)

Solution :

a)Acute angles and isosceles triangles<br> b)right angled and Scalene.<br> c)Obtuse angle and isosceles triangles<br> d)Right angled and isosceles triangles.<br> e)Acute angle and equilateral triangles.<br> f)Obtuse angled and Scalene.

Where in nature can you find evidence that white sunlight may be made of different colours ?
Two identical springs, each of spring factor k, may be connected in the following ways. Deduce the spring factor of the oscillation of the body in each case.
List the different ways in which oligopoly firms may behave.
In each of the following figures, you find two triangles. Indicate whether the triangles are similar. Give reasons in support of your answer.     (FIGURES)
Name any two sources of e-Wastes and write two different ways for their disposal.
Name any two source of e-wastes and write two different ways for their disposal.
What universal set(s) would you propose for each of the following : (i) The set of right triangles.           (ii) The set of isosceles triangles.
What universal set(s) would you propose for each of the following ? <br> (i) The set of right triangles <br> (ii) The set of isosceles triangles.
If in two right triangles, one of the acute angles of one triangle is equal to an acute angle of the other triangle. Can you say that two triangles will be similar? Why?
Find the area of Fig.34 in the following ways: Sum of the areas of three triangles Area of a rectangle - sum of the areas of five triangles
Which universal set would you propose for each of the following <br> (i) set of right angled triangles (ii) set of isosceles triangles
Why do you see two different types of replicating strands in the given DNA replication fork? Explain . Name these starands.
In two right triangles one side an acute angle of one are equal to the corresponding side and angle of the other. Prove that the triangles are congruent.
Complete the hexagonal and star shaped Rangolies [see Fig. 7.53 (i) and (ii)] by filling them with as many equilateral triangles of side 1 cm as you can. Count the number of triangles in each case. Which has more triangles?
What universal set(s) would you propose for each of the following : (i) The set of right triangles. (ii) The set of isosceles triangles.

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Triangle a plane figure formed by three non-parallel line segments is called a triangle.

Sides the three line segments ABBC and CA that form the triangle ABC are called the sides of the triangle ABC.

Angles the three angle are called the angles of

Elements or parts the three sides AB BC CA and three angles A B C of a Delta ABC are together called the six parts of elements of the

INTERIOR The part made up by all such points P which are enclosed by is called the interior of

EXTERIOR The part made up by all such points Q which are not enclosed by is called the exterior of .

TRIANGULAR REGION The interior of together with the itself is called the triangular region .

Altitudes the perpendiculars drawn from the vertices of a triangle to the opposite side are known as the altitudes of the triangle.

Medians the line segments joining the vertices to the mid-points of the opposite side of a triangle are known as its medians.