`(lim)_(x->a)(x^n-a^n)/(x-a)` is equal to `n a^n` b . `n a^(n-1)` c. `n a` d. 1

Updated On: 21-6-2020

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`(lim)_(x->0)((1^x+2^x+3^x++n^x)/n)^(1/x)\ ` is equal to `(n\ !)\ ^n` b. `(n !)^(1//n)` c. `n !` d. `"ln"(n !)` `("lim")_(xvec0)((1^x+2x+3^x++n^x)/n)^(1//x)i se q u a lto` `(n !)^n` (b) `(n !)^(1/n)` (c) `n !` (d) `"ln"(n !)` `(d^n)/(dx^n)(logx)=` (a)`((n-1)!)/(x^n)` (b) `(n !)/(x^n)` (c)`((n-2)!)/(x^n)` (d) `(-1)^(n-1)((n-1)!)/(x^n)` `(d^n)/(dx^n)(logx)=?` (a)`((n-1)!)/(x^n)` (b) `(n !)/(x^n)` (c)`((n-2)!)/(x^n)` (d) `(-1)^(n-1)((n-1)!)/(x^n)` `(d^n)/(dx^n)(logx)=` (a)`((n-1)!)/(x^n)` (b) `(n !)/(x^n)` (c)`((n-2)!)/(x^n)` (d) `(-1)^(n-1)((n-1)!)/(x^n)` If `("lim")_(xrarr0)({(a-n)n x-tanx}sinn x)/(x^2)=0,` where `n` is nonzero real number, the `a` is 0 (b) `(n+1)/n` (c) `n` (d) `n+1/n` If `("lim")_(xrarr0)({(a-n)n x-tanx}sinn x)/(x^2)=0,` where `n` is nonzero real number, the `a` is 0 (b) `(n+1)/n` (c) `n` (d) `n+1/n` If `(lim)_(x->0)(sin(n x)[(a-n)n x-t a n x])/(x^2)=n (n >0)` then the value of `' a '` is equal to `1/n` b. `n^2+1` c. `(n^2+1)/n` d. none `(d^n)/(dx^n)(logx)=` `((n-1)!)/(x^n)` (b) `(n !)/(x^n)` `((n-2)!)/(x^n)` (d) `(-1)^(n-1)((n-1)!)/(x^n)` `(lim)_(n->oo)(n !)/((n+1)!+n !)` is equal to a. 1 b . 0 c. 2 d. `1/2` The value of `(lim)_(x->oo)(n !)/((n+1)!-(n)!)` is a. 1 b . -1 c. 0 d. none of these If `y=a x^(n+1)+b x^(-n)` , then `x^2(d^2y)/(dx^2)=` `n(n-1)y` (b) `n(n+1)y` (c) `n y` (d) `n^2y` If `int(dx)/(x^2(x^n+1)^((n-1)/n))=-(f(x))^(1/n)+C` then `f(x)` is (A) `1+x^n` (B) `1+x^-n` (C) `x^n+x^-n` (D) `x^n-x^-n` If `int(dx)/(x^2(x^n+1)^((n-1)/n))=-(f(x))^(1/n)+C` then `f(x)` is (A) `1+x^n` (B) `1+x^-n` (C) `x^n+x^-n` (D) `x^n-x^-n` If the middle term of `(1+x)^(2n)` is the greatest term, then x lies between (A) `n-1 lt x lt n` (B) `n/(n+1) lt x lt (n+1)/n` (C) `n lt x lt n+1` (D) `(n + 1)/n lt x lt ( n +1)/n`

Very Important Questions

FAQs on Limits

Define limit what it represents

condition of existence of limit evaluation of right hand left hand limit

Relation between the value of a function at a point and the limit at a point

Limits : Few Examples

The algebra of limits

Introduction of all indeterminate forms

(i) Direct substitution

(ii) Factorisation method (0/0 form)

Limits:Example of factorisation method

(iii) Rationalisation method (0/0 or ∞/∞ form) :

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