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Question From class 12 Chapter JEE ADVANCED

Let , where , denote binomial coefficients. Then, the value of is _________.

Prove that
The value of <br> <br> (where ), is , then value of is
Let If lies between the roots of , then find the smallest positive integral value of
How many terms are there in the A.P? (ii) (iii) . (iv) .
...... ( (
Find the value of .
the value of
Find the value of given that
Find the sum <br> .
If then the value of is_______
If (b) (d)
If are three consecutive terms of an A.P, then the value of x is
The value of is
Each question has four choices a, b, c and d, out of which only one is correct. Each question contains STATEMENT 1 and STATEMENT 2. Both the statements are TRUE and STATEMENT 2 is the correct explanation of STATEMENT1. Both the statements are TRUE but STATEMENT 2 is NOT the correct explanation of STATEMENT 1. STATEMENT 1 is TRUE and STATEMENT 2 is FALSE. STATEMENT 1 is FALSE and STATEMENT 2 is TRUE. Statement 1: The value of is . Statement 2: .
There are 3 boxes numbered each having 10 balls also numbered from 1 to 10. Three balls are selected one from each box. If number on ball selected from box is such that then the number of ways equal to (A) (B) (C) (D)

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State & proof Binomial Theorem and Pascal triangle

Number of terms in expansion of following (i) (ii)

Expand ; ; by binomial theorem

(iii) Find an approximate value of using the first three terms of its expansion.

Using binomial theorem prove that

What is General and middle term in a binomial expansion

Term from the end of expansion

Coefficient of certain power of variable in binomial

finding term independent of variable

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