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Question From class 12 Chapter DEFAULT

let be three vectors . fi and are both perpendicular to the and , then what is the magnitude of

If are non-colliner, then equals a. b. c. d.
If are non coplanar and is not parallel to then equals (A) (B) (C) 0 (D)
If (A) (B) (C) (D)
Find the values of for which are vectors are coplanar.
If with reference to the right handed system of mutually perpendicular unit vectors and , , then express in the from , where
Find the constant a so that the following vectors are coplaner
OX, OY and OZ are three edges of a cube andn P,Q,R are the vertices of rectangle OXPY, OXQZ and OYSZ respectively. If
show that given vectors are coplaner
A parallelogram is constructed on the vectors . If and angle between then the length of a diagonal of the parallelogram is (A) (B) (C) 4sqrt(7)
If a is a non-zero real number, then prove that the vectors are never coplanar.
If and at least one of a,b and c is non zero then vectors are (A) parallel (B) coplanar (C) mutually perpendicular (D) none of these
Findthe value of , where,
Prove that <br> Three vector Is interrelated.
and are two unit vectos and is a vector such that and , then equal
Let and and , then the maximum value of is

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Two type of numbers - Vector and scalar.

Evolution of vector concept

Representation of vector direction sense magnitude of vector or length

Equal vectors, null vector, unit vectors, position vector, like and unlike vectors,collinear and parallel vectors

Co-initial vectors, coterminous vector and co-planar vectors,negative of a vector,reciprocal vectors

Free vector and localized vector

In a regular hexagon find which vectors are collinear, equal, coinitial, collinear but not equal.

Parallelogram law of addition of vectors

Properties of addition of vectors

Magnitude of addition of two vectors