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Question From class 12 Chapter VECTOR ALGEBRA

Let be the position vectors of points relative to the origin If the vector equation hold, then a similar equation will also hold w.r.t. to any other origin provided a. b. c. d.

If , then minimum value of is equal to :-
If , then find the maximum value of .
Let be fixed real numbers and define a function . What is ? For some , compute
FOr an integer , we have real numbers such that what is the value of
If be the successive coefficients in the expnsion of show that
If are in H.P, then the expression is equal to (A) (B) (C) (D)
Let be the position of points respectively relative to an origin O. Show that if the vector equation holds, then a similar equation will also hold good wilth respect to any other origin if
The distributive law from algebra states that for all real numbers c,a1 and a2,we have Use this law and mathematical induction to prove that,for all natural numbers, ,if an are any real numbers,then
Let the sequence form and AP. Then is equal to
.Let be positive real numbers in geometric progression. For each n, let , be respectively the arithmetic mean, geometric mean & harmonic mean of . Find an expression ,for the geometric mean of in terms of .
We know that, if are in H.P. then are in A.P. and vice versa. If are in A.P. with common difference d, then for any , the numbers are in G.P. with common ratio . If are positive and in G.P. with common ration, then for any base are in A.P. with common difference logor.If are respectively the pth, qth and the rth terms of an A.P., as well as of a G.P., then is equal to
where denotes greatest integer then trace of
Let be positive numbers in G.P. For each n let be respectively the arithmetic mean geometric mean and harmonic mean of On the basis of above information answer the following question: are in (A) A.P. (B) G.P. (C) H.P. (D) none of these
The set coincides with the set
and then (a)vector are perpendicular to each other (b)vector are parallel to each other (c)vector is of length units, then one of the ordered triple (d)are perpendicular to each other if

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Two type of numbers - Vector and scalar.

Evolution of vector concept

Representation of vector direction sense magnitude of vector or length

Equal vectors, null vector, unit vectors, position vector, like and unlike vectors,collinear and parallel vectors

Co-initial vectors, coterminous vector and co-planar vectors,negative of a vector,reciprocal vectors

Free vector and localized vector

In a regular hexagon find which vectors are collinear, equal, coinitial, collinear but not equal.

Parallelogram law of addition of vectors

Properties of addition of vectors

Magnitude of addition of two vectors

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