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Question From class 12 Chapter PERMUTATIONS AND COMBINATIONS

Let there be 9 fixed points on the circumference of a circle. Each of these points is joined to every one of the remaining 8 points by a straight line and the points are so positioned on the circumference that at most 2 straight lines meet in any interior point of the circle. The number of such interior intersection points is:

There are ten points in a plane. Of these ten points, four points are in a straight line and with the exceptionof these four points, on three points are in the same straight line. Find i. the number of triangles formed, ii the number of straight lines formed iii the number of quadrilaterals formed, by joining these ten points.
There are k points in a plane. No three of them are on the same line. All the possible straight lines are made by joining these k points taking point of intersection of these straight lines as vertices of triangles that maximum number of triangles that can be formed is, where
The locus of the mid-points of the chords of the circle of lines radiùs r which subtend an angle at any point on the circumference of the circle is a concentric circle with radius equal to
m points on one straight line are joined to n points on another straight line. The number of points of intersection of the line segments thus formed is (A) (B) (C) (D)
What is the maximum number of straight lines that can be drawn with any four points in a plane such that each line contains at least two of these points ?
Each of two parallel lines has a number of distinct points marked on them. On one line there are 2 points P and Q and on the other there are 8 points. i. Find the number of triangles formed having three of the 10 points as vertices. ii. How many of these triangles include P but exclude Q?
Let be three points in a straight line. B lying between Consider all circles passing through The points of contact of the tangents from A to these circle lie on
There are 10 points on a plane of which 5 points are collinear. Also, no three of the remaining 5 points are collinear. Then find (i) the number of straight lines joining these points: (ii) the number of triangles, formed by joining these points.
Write the maximum number of points of intersection of 8 straight lines in a plane.
The point which is equidistant from all the points on the circumference of a circle is called _______
The greatest possible number of points of intersection of 8 straight lines and 4 circles is
There are n distinct points on the circumference of a circle. The number of pentagons that can beformed with these points as vertices is equal to the number of possible triangles. Then the value of n is
Given 11 points, of which 5 lie on one circle, other than these 5, no 4 lie on one circle. Then the maximum number of circles that can be drawn so that each contains atleast three of the given points is
A straight line moves so that the product of the length of the perpendiculars on it from two fixed points is constant. Prove that the locus of the feet of the perpendiculars from each of these points upon the straight line is a unique circle.
Let ABC be a triangle with circumcenre O. The points P and Q are interior points of the sides Let K, L and M be the mid points of the segments BP, CQ and PQ respectively, and let be the circle passing through K, L and M. Suppose that the line PQ is tangent to the circle . Prove that OP=OQ.

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(a)Compute (i) (ii) (b)find n if

fundamental principle of multiplication

fundamental principle of addition

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