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Question From class 11 Chapter STRAIGHT LINES

Let be the origin. If are points such that then (a) lies either inside the triangle or in the third quadrant. (b) cannot lie inside the triangle (c) lies inside the triangle (d) lies in the first quadrant only

Let be the vertices of a triangle. Let be the region consisting of all those points inside which satisfy , where denotes the distance from the point to the corresponding line. Sketch the region and find its area.
Statement-1 : The points a(3,4), B(2,7) ,C(4,4) dn D(3,5) are such that are of them lies inside the triangle formed by other the points <br> Statement-2 : Centroid of a triangle always lies inside the triangle
The complete set of real values of 'a' such that the point lies triangle lies inside the triangle formed by the lines and
The line meets the x- and y-axes at , respectively. A triangle is inscribed in triangle being the origin, with right angle at and lie, respectively, on . If the area of triangle is of the are of triangle the is equal to (a) (b) (c) (d)
Determine whether the point lies inside or outside the triangle whose sides are and (A) Inside (B) Outside (C) Lies on triangle (D) none of these
If point lies inside the triangle formed by the lines then
If two vertices of a triangle are and and its orthocentre is then the third vertex of the triangle lies in (a) quadrant (b) quadrant (c) quadrant (d) quadrant
Let be the origin, and be three unit vectors in the direction of the sides , , , respectively of a triangle PQR. (b) (d)
The three sides of a triangle are given by . If the points (-2,a) lies inside and (b,1) lies outside the triangle, then
In a triangle , let be points on respectively such that . Prove that the median bisects
In Line joining vertex A of triangle and its circumcenter meets the side Find the ratio Find the ratio
Given four points on the coordinate plane with origin which satisfy the condition (i) If P1 and P2 lie on the curve xy=1 , then prove that P3 does not lie on the curve (ii) If P1,P2,P3 lie on a circle , then prove that P4 also lies on this circle.
is a point on positive x-axis, is a point on the positive y-axis and is the origin. If the line passing through is tangent to the curve then find the minimum area of the triangle , is 3 (b) 4 (c) 5 (c) 6
Let P and Q be distinct points on the parabola such that a circle with PQ as diameter passes through the vertex O of the parabola. If P lies in the first quadrant and the area of the triangle is , then which of the following is (are) the coordinates of
Let O(0.0),A(6,0) and be the vertices of . Let R those points P inside which satisfy d(P, OA) minimum (d(P,OB),d(P,AB) where d(P, OA), d(P, OB) and d(P, AB) represent the distance of P from the sides OA, OB and AFB respectively. If the area of region R is where a and b are coprime, then find the value of (a+ b)

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Rectangular coordinate axes

cartesian coordinates of a point


Derivation to find the distance between two points + examples

In prove that ; where O is the middle point of BC.

Calculate Area Of A Triangle ?

Condition for the three points to be collinear . Explain by giving an example.

Find area of Polygon by Stair Method

Internal division + proof + example :-Find the coordinates of a point which devides the line segments joining the points (6;2) and (-4;5) in the ratio 3:2 internally .

external division + proof + example:-Find the coordinates of a point which devides the line segments joining the points (6;2) and (-4;5) in the ratio 3:2 externally .