Let `N` be the number of points `(x, y, z)` in space such that `x+y+z=12`, where `x, y, z in N`. The number of divisors of `N` is equal to

Updated On: 16-10-2021

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Let `n >= 3` and A be a set of n elements. Let `P=(x,y,z)` where `x,y,z in A.` Then the number of points such that atleast two of `x,y,z` are equal is If `|(x^(n),x^(n+2),x^(n+3)),(y^(n),y^(n+2),y^(n+3)),(z^(n),z^(n+2),z^(n+3))|` <br> `= (x -y) (y -z) (z -x) ((1)/(x) + (1)/(y) + (1)/(z))`, then n equals If x, y, z are natural numbers such that LCM(x, y) =2744, LCM(y, z) = 1372 and LCM(z, x) = 2744, then the number of triplets of (x, y, z) is 'n' where sum of the digits of n is The number of solutions to `x+y+z=10`, where `1le x, y, z le 6` and `x, y, z in N`, is equal to If `x+y+z=10`, where `x,y,z in N`. Find the number of solutions of triplet (x, y, z) such that no ttwo variables are equal. If n is an odd positive integer and x, y, z are distinct then the number of distinct terms in the expansion of `(x+y+z)^n + (x-y-z)^n` is यदि n एक पूर्णाक है तथा यदि `|(x^(n),x^(n+2),x^(n+3)),(y^(n),y^(n+2),y^(n+3)),(z^(n),z^(n+2),z^(n+3))|=(x-y)(y-z)(z-x)((1)/(x)+(1)/(y)+(1)/(z)),` तब n= यदि n एक पूर्णाक है तथा यदि `|(x^(n),x^(n+2),x^(n+3)),(y^(n),y^(n+2),y^(n+3)),(z^(n),z^(n+2),z^(n+3))|=(x-y)(y-z)(z-x)((1)/(x)+(1)/(y)+(1)/(z)),` तब n= If `|[x^(n-1), x^(n+1), x^(n+2)] ,[y^(n-1), y^(n+1), y^(n+2)], [z^(n-1), z^(n+1), z^(n+2)]|= (x-y)(y-z)(z-x)(x^(-1)+y^(-1)+z^(-1))` then `n=` If n(A)=n then n{(x,y,z),x,y,z `in A ,x ne y, y ne z ,z ne x}`= If `|(x^(n),x^(n+2),x^(n+3)),(y^(n),y^(n+2),y_(n+3)),(z^(n),z^(n+2),z^(n+3))|=(x-y)(y-z)(z-x)(1/x+1/y+1/z)` then value of n is Let n be an integer and `x,y,z lt1`. Suppose <br> `Delta=|(x^(n+1),x^(n+2),x^(n+3)),(y^(n+1),y^(n+2),y^(n+3)),(z^(n+1),z^(n+2),z^(n+3))|` <br> If `Delta=(x-y)(y-z)(z-x)x^(2)y^(2)z^(2)` then n is equal to If `x ,y ,a n dz` are positive real umbers and `x=(12-y z)/(y+z)` . The maximum value of `x y z` equals. समीकरण x + y+z= 102 के प्राकृत हलों की संख्या ज्ञात कीजिये है। जहाँ x, y, Z` in `N है। If `x, y, z` are in A.P., then `(x + 2y - z) (2y + z - x) (z + x - y) = kxyz`,where `k in N`, then k is equal to

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