Let `f(x)=lim_(ntooo) (x)/(x^(2n)+1).` Then f has

Updated On: 17-5-2021

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real and equal roots


complex roots


unequal positive real roots


unequal roots




f(x)=underset(xtooo)lim(x)/(x^(2n)+1)={{:(x", "x^(2)lt1),(0", "x^(2)gt1),(1//2", "x=1),(-1//2","x=-1):}



<br> f(1^(-))=1,f(-1^(+))=-1




Time Transcript
00:00 - 00:59 let's start this question this question is letter of X equal limit n tends to infinity of X upon x power 3 + 1 then as optional real and equal roots option B complex roots option C and equal positive real root option Dr Nicole just lets take more dates to lesbian x is less than 1 x power 2 that is limit n tends to infinity of x power 2 + 1 is MOD X is less than that is equal to close to zero is equal to x square is again less than one power unlimited boost and would be equal to this is equal to
01:00 - 01:59 FX = limit n tends to infinity of x power 2 + 1 is equal to finally if this is the case when Mod x is equal to one that is equal to plus one limit upon x power 2 x power power medicine equal to x y is always not have to equal to 12
02:00 - 02:59 locate the model is better than then effects would be equal to Limit n tends to infinity X upon x power 2 + 1 X is greater than that x square x square power that would go to infinity to infinity and its limit equal to what is now let's let's put X2 B2 = limit should write a phone to I prove that
03:00 - 03:59 weapon to Limit n tends to infinity to Ayyappan to I power tool that is equal to 4 power and x power 2 - 1 power and that this is limit of this now Mod of -4 power and plus one that goes to infinity and goes to infinity the denominator it becomes a broccoli plant
04:00 - 04:59 this would be equal 200 this function is also has Complex root because your phone to correct options should be Complex and equal positive roots are there because Mod X is greater than 1 then fx600 iPhone to Android phone -2 sorry iPhone to Android phone 30 Soni Pal positive real roots are also there are also because F2 = 3 again = 0 and real and equal roots will not possible

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Let `f(x)=lim_(ntooo) (x)/(x^(2n)+1).` Then f has `Let f(x)=lim_(ntooo) (1)/(((3)/(pi)tan^(-1)2x)^(2n)+5)`. Then the set of values of x for which `f(x)=0` is Let `f(x)=lim_(ntooo)(1-x^n)/(1+x^n)`. Then Let `f(x)=lim_(n->oo)(log(2+x)-x^(2n)sinx)/(1+x^(2n))`. then let `f(x)=lim_(n->oo) (x^(2n)-1)/(x^(2n)+1)` Let f be a function defined on R by `f(x)=lim_(n to oo) (log (3+x)-x^(2n) sinx)/(1+x^(2n))` then If `f(x)=lim_(n to oo)(x^(2n)-1)/(x^(2n)+1)` then range of `f(x)` is Draw the graph of the function `y=f(x)=underset(ntooo)limcos^(2n)x` and find its period. Draw the graph of the function `y=f(x)=lim_(ntooo) cos^(2n)x` and find its period. Let `f(x)= lim_(n->oo)(sinx)^(2n)` Let `f(x)=lim_(n rarr oo)(2x^(2n)sin 1/x+x)/(1+x^(2n))` then find (a) `lim_(x rarr oo) x f(x)` (b) `lim_(x rarr 1) f(x)` Let `f(x)=lim_(n to oo) sinx/(1+(2 sin x)^(2n))` then f is discontinuous at `f(x)=(lim)_(n->oo)(cospix-x^(2n)"sin"(x-1))/(1+x^(2n+1)-x^(2n))` , find `(lim)_(x->1)f(x)dot` Let `f(x)=int_0^x(cost)/tdt(xgt0):` then at `x=(2n+1)pi/2nin1,` f(x) has Let `f(x)=int_0^x (cost)/tdt` Then at `x=(2n+1)pi/2` f(x) has

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