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Question From class 11 Chapter RELATIONS AND FUNCTIONS XI

Let . Then the function defined by is

Let for all and . Let . Then prove that
Let a real valued function f satisfy Then is
Let be a function given by <br> then f'(x) is equal to
A function satisfies the equation in R and for any x in R . Let the function be differentiable at x = 0 and f'(0) = 2. Show that in R. Hence, determine f(x)
Let ,suppose that , then is given by
Let prove that
Let and f(0)=0 then the value of
Let be a differentiable function satisfying , x,y R, and , then
and function is differentiable for all x, then find .
IF , then is equal to
If then prove that
A function is defined for all and satisfies, , where is a given constant. If , find and show that .
Let be defined by G.I.F
Let and is differentiable at such that also , , then find .
A function satisfies If then

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FAQs on Relations And Functions Xi

meaning of function

Modulus; signum; greatest integer and fractional part function

representation of function

Physical interpretation

Domain codomain and range of function

Graph of function: Vertical line test

Identity function

Explain Constant function with graph

Modulus function and properties

Greatest integer function and properties

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