Let f:(0,oo)->R be a differentiable function such that f'(x)=2-f(x)/x for all x in (0,oo) and f(1)=1 , then

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Let f(x) be a non-constant twice differentiable function defined on such that and f"(1/4) = 0
Let f be a real-valued function defined on interval ,by . Then which of the following statement(s) is (are) true? (A). f"(x) exists for all . (B). f'(x) exists for all x and f' is continuous on , but not differentiable on . (C). there exists such that for all x . (D). there exists such that for all x .
Let be a differentiable function satisfying, Determine
Let be differentiable on the interval such that and for each . Then
Let be a twice differentiable function such that for all Show that for all
Let be a function satisfying for all Prove taht
Let be a differentiable function such that If for all then the value of is
Let be a differentiable function such that .Then the value of is/are
Let be a differentiable and strictly decreasing function such that and . For , let
Let be a continuous function such that
Let (the set of all real numbers) be a function. Suppose the function is twice differentiable, and satisfies Which of the following is true for ? (A) (B) (C) (D)
Let be a thrice differentiable function. Suppose that and for all . Let for all The correct statement is
Let be the function Then is an increasing function in is a decreasing function in is an increasing function in is a decreasing function in
Let where f(x) is a twice differentiable positive function on such that . Then for N = 1,2,3
Let such that . Then find .

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