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Let `f (x) =(1)/(x ^(2)) int _(4)^(x) (4t ^(2) -2 f '(t) dt, ` find `9f'(4)`

Updated On: 9-5-2021

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Time Transcript
00:00 - 00:59 Kariya question is let f of x is equal to 1 upon x square integration from 42 x square - 2 x dash TDT find 9-4 write the equation that is given to us one upon x square from 42 X 40 square - 2 x dash DT and where to find nighttime 2 of f dash 4 right so we will win that o to find a dashboard we should have access to find Evidence Act that means you have to differentiate on both the sides will apply the product rule that become a dash X and product rule will it is you and that the of will be close to you into Vedas minus b into your dash ko here are you function is one upon x square
01:00 - 01:59 and we dash to differentiate this function that differentiate with respect to X integration from ho to x square - 2 x dash it right then this is + CEO + V of you dash so we is this we will write this method is a new day should I should be one upon x square integration differentiation of 1 upon x square minus b minus 2 upon x cube minus 2 x cube into integration of 42 x square - 2 X right now we will apply lovely in this and that will give us we cannot differentiate dysfunction directory so we will differentiate by using Laplace theorem
02:00 - 02:59 that says first we will put the value of x in terms of in the place of P then we will get 4 x square - 2 will be zero then difference between the limit of differentiation of extra will be zero and differentiation of 4 will be again 0 and last term will be we have to differentiate this function with respect to X and still there are no external field becomes zero right and left with this part only from 42 x square - 2 1 upon x square x square - 2 x minus 2 upon x cube
03:00 - 03:59 integration of this whole term from 42 X 40 square - 2 x dash light and thus become 4 x square upon before only minus 2 upon x square is equal to check and it was a brush hacks was here minus 2 upon x cube integration from 42 X 40 square as dash write up then we will ship this item on the right hand side and we were left with help of 1 + 2 upon x square is equals to 4 minus 2 upon x cube from 42 x square - ftt and the question we have asked the value of f dash
04:00 - 04:59 42 we will put x is equals to 4 now to find value of f dashboard dash of 4 will become oneplus 2 4 square is 16 right after the come to become 4 - 2 EP 416 6464 integration of 42 44 year and the whole integration your right and that the limit are same so we can write 24 this term will now become zero because limits are they left with oneplus 2 EP 16 f dash of 4 then 4 into 16 and silicon 16 + 2 is 1818 comment denominator and evil with this part so we can say that
05:00 - 05:59 to the 42 9018 29 times of fa-dashboard gift you 32 as the final value final answer 32 option for is correct thank you
Let `f (x) =(1)/(x ^(2)) int _(4)^(x) (4t ^(2) -2 f '(t) dt, ` find `9f'(4)`
Let `f(x)=1/x^2 int_4^x (4t^2-2f'(t))dt` then find `9f'(4)`
If `f(x)=1/x^2int_4^x(4t^2-2f'(t))` dt, then f'(4) is equal to:
If `F(x)= (1)/(x^(2)) int_(4)^(x) [4t^(2)- 2F' (t)]dt`, then F'(4) equals
If F(x)`=(1)/(x^(2))overset(x)underset(4)int [4t^(2)-2F'(t)]dt` then F'(4) equals
If `F(x) = (1)/(x^(2)) underset(4)overset(x)int (4t^(2)- 2F'(t))dt` then F(4) equals to ………
If F(x)`=(1)/(x^(2))overset(x)underset(4)int [4t^(2)-2F'(t)]dt` then F'(4) equals
??? `F(x)=1/x^2int_4^x{4t^2-2F'(t)}dt,` ?? F'(4) ?? ??? ??
Let `F(x)""=""f(x)""+""f(1/x),"w h e r e"f(x)=int_t^x(logt)/(1+t)dtdot` (1) `1/2` (2) 0 (3) 1 (4) 2
Let `f (x)= int _(x^(2))^(x ^(3))(dt)/(ln t) ` for `x gt 1 and g (x) = int _(1) ^(x) (2t ^(2) -lnt ) f(t) dt(x gt 1),` then:
`f(x)=1/x^2underset(2)overset(x)int[t^2+f(t)]dt,` find f (2)
Evaluate `(lim)_(xvec4)int_4^x((4t-f(t)))/((x-4))dt`
Evaluate `(lim)_(x to 4)int_4^x((4t-f(t)))/((x-4))dt`
Evaluate `(lim)_(x to 4)int_4^x((4t-f(t)))/((x-4))dt`
Let `f(x) = int_0^4 |x^2-4x-t|dt`, `x in (0,4)`,then the range of f(x) is

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