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Question From class 12 Chapter FUNCTIONS

Let be the differential functions such that (a)g'(2)= (b)h'(1)=666 (c)h(0)=16 (d)h(g(3))=36

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Consider f g and h are real-valued functions defined on R. Let for all , for all and all x in R f(g(h(1)))+g(h(f(-3)))+h(f(g(-1)))
Let be three invertible functions defined from Then is
Let be respectively given by . Define by .The number of points at which is not differentiable is
Let be differentiable function of R such that and Consider which of the following statement is true for any
If are polynomials of degree 4 and be an identity in x, then is
Let be a differentiable function with .Let and for all . Let denote denote . Then which of thx!=0 and e following is (are) true?
Let and then find
If are two distinct linear functions defined on such that they map onto and defined by then show that
Let function f be defined as and function g is defined as pand g are continuous in their domain. Suppose, the function If is continuous in its domain, then is equal to
If where and are differentiable functions, then
Let and be differentiable functions such that: Also, and and Now answer the question: (A) (B) (C) (D)
Let f, g : R R be defined, respectively by , . Find and .
Let and be twice differentiable functions such that f" and g" are continuous functions on R. suppose and , If then
Let be the set of real numbers be two functions such that and . Find and
Let and be two non-constant differentiable functions. If for all , and , then which of the following statement(s) is (are) TRUE? (b) (c) (d)
Let f, g and h be functions from R to R. Show that
Let be two function having finite nonzero third-order derivatives for all If for all then prove that
Suppose f, g and h be three real valued function defined on R Let The range of the function is equal to
Let [x] denote the integral part of . Let be any continuous function with then the function :

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meaning of function

Modulus; signum; greatest integer and fractional part function

representation of function

Physical interpretation

Domain codomain and range of function

Graph of function: Vertical line test

Identity function

Explain Constant function with graph

Modulus function and properties

Greatest integer function and properties

Smallest integer function and properties

Fractional part function and properties

Explain signum function with graph

Explain Exponential function with graph (a^x)

Logarithmic function and properties

Explain quadratic expression with graph

Explain cubic expression with graph

Explain square root function with graph

Explain cube root function with graph

Reciprocal squared function and properties

Square root reciprocal function and properties

Explain Reciprocal functions with graph

Function of the form max {f(x) g(x) h(x) }

How to perform Addition subtraction multiplication division on Real function ? Explain by giving example of each.

Product and division of functions

How to do Multiplication of function by a scalar ? Explain it by giving example

What is Reciprocal of a function ? explain it by giving an example .

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Algorithm of one-one function

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Even And Odd Functions

Properties of odd and even function

What is periodic function

Periodic function Properties

Find the period of

Composition of function: definition physical interpretation

Relation between domain and function of composite functions

The composition of functions is not commutative

The composition of functtions is associative

The composition of two bijections is a bijection

The composition of any function with the identity function is the function itself.

Let be two functions such that . Then; f is an injection and g is a surjection.

Let be two functions such that . Then; f is a surjection and g is an injection.

Let and be two functions. Then; (i)if is onto then g is onto; (ii)if is one one then is one-one and (iii)if is onto and is one one then is onto (iv) if is one one and is onto then is one one.

Inverse of an element

Inverse of function

condition for Inverse function

algorithm to determine inverse function

Algorithm to check function is invertible

Relation between graphs of a function and its inverse

Definition and explanation properties

The inverse of a bijection is unique

The inverse of a bijection is also a bijection

If f is a bijection and g is the inverse of f; then and where and are the identity functions on the sets A and B respectively.

If f and g are two bijections; then gof is a bijection and

Let f and g be two functions such that and . Then; f and g are bijections and

Let f be an invertible function. Show that the inverse of is

Vertical and horizontal shift

Vertical and horizontal flip

Transformation of into

Transformation of into and

Transformation of f(x) into

Transformation of f(x) into

Transformation of f(x) into

Transformation of f(x) into

Transformation of f(x) into

Transformation of y= f(x) into |y|=f(x)

Transformation of y=f(x) into and

Transformation of y=f(x) into

Transformation of y=f(x) into

Transformation of y=f(x) into

Transformation of y=f(x) into and

Transformation of graph into and

Transformation of graph

Transformation of into and

Transformation of

Functional equations satisfied by Typical functions

Functional equations resulting from properties of functions

Let be a real-valued function such that Then find

If is an odd function such that then find

If satisfies the relation for all then prove that is periodic and find its period.

Definition and properties of