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Question From class 11 Chapter JEE MAINS

Let conditions C1 and C2 be defined as follows: , are of same sign. The roots of are real and positive, if (a) both C1 and C2 are satisfied (b) only C2 is satisfied (c) only C1 is satisfied (d) None of these

Consider two curves ; . Then, a. C1 and C2 touch each other at one point b. C1 and C2 touch each other exactly at two point c. C1 and C2 intersect(but do not touch) at exactly two point d. C1 and C2 neither intersect nor touch each other
C1 and C2 are two concentric circles, the radius of C2 being twice that of C1. From a point P on C2, tangents PA and PB are drawn to C1. Then the centroid of the triangle PAB (a) lies on C1 (b) lies outside C1 (c) lies inside C1 (d) may lie inside or outside C1 but never on C1
Prove that
The centres of two circles C1 and each of unit radius are at a distance of 6 units from each other. Let P be the mid point of the line segment joining the centres of C1
If a, b, c > 0 and x, y, z E R, then the x12 al roots of = 0, is is dependent on a. a, b, c only c. a, b, c, x, y, z b. x, y, z only d. None of these (-9: Let x < 1? then value of x2 +2 2x +1 1
The sum of series is b. c. d.
Lines and touch a circle C1 of diameter 6. If the centre of C1, lies in the first quadrant then the equation of the circle C2, which is concentric with C1, and cuts intercepts of length 8 on these lines is
If the circle C1: intersect another circle C2 of radius 5 in such a way that common chord is of maximum length and has a slope equal to 3/4, then coordinates of the centre of C2 is: a. b. c. d.
(I) c2(2) c2/2(3) 2 c2(4) none
31. If the lines represented byax? + 2hxy + by2 + 2gx + 2 fy+c= 0 are writtenin the form y=mx+c1 and y = m2x+C2,then1) m + m2 = alb, mm2 = 2h1b2) m + m2 =-2h/b, mm2 = alb3) m, + m2 = -2h/b, m,m, = -b/a4) m, + m2 = 2h/b, m,m, = a / b
prove that
If , , has distinct real roots in ( 1,2) then a and 5a + 2b + c have (A) same sign (B) opposite sign (C) not determined (D) none of these

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