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Question From class 12 Chapter DEFAULT

Let be distinct integers such that the equation has an integer root 'r', then the value of is equal to :

if are distinct integers such that then the real roots of are
If then the equation has
If P(x) is a polynomial with integer coefficients such that for 4 distinct integers , if , (e is an integer) then
such that then roots of the equation
Let be the roots of the equation Then the roots of the equation are (b) (d)
Let be the roots of the equation and those of then find the value of
Let , , , are positive integer such that and . If , then value of is equal to
Let . Find all sets such that:
If then is equal to
If then is equal to (a) (b) (c) (d)
Let be positive integers such that If then find the value of
Let a, b, c, d be positive integers such that . If (a-c) = 9, then find the value of (b-d).
If are four consecutive terms of an increasing A.P., then the roots of the equation are a. non-real complex b. real and equal c. integers d. real and distinct
Let a,b,c,d N and such that the equation has infinite solutions then find the number of possible quadruplets (a,b,c,d).
If , then for any real non-zero , the quadratic equation ,has

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