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Question From class 11 Chapter CONIC SECTIONS

Let and be any line passing through (4, 1) having slope Find the range of for which there exist two points on at which subtends a right angle.

P and Q are two points on a line passing through (2, 4) and having slope m. If a line segment AB subtends a right angles at P and Q, where A(0, 0) and B(6,0), then range of values of m is
A line passes through . The slope of the line, for which of the line, for which its intercept between subtends a right angle at the origin, may be.
If the points A(3,0,p),B(-1,q,3) and C(-3,3,0) are collinear, then find <br> (1) the ratio in which the points C divides the line segment AB <br> (2) the value of p and q.
माना कि केंद्र बिन्दु वाले वृत्त पर P और Q दो बिन्दू है । यदि वृत्त के दो बिन्दू P और Q से होकर खींची गई स्पर्श रेखाएं A पर मिलती है, तो ,then कितना होगा ?
Let P and Q be two points on the minor axis each at distance from the centre of the ellipse and p and q be the lengths of the perpendiculars upon any tangent from P and Q then find the value of
The circle cuts the line joining the points and in two points and . Let and . Then and are roots of the quadratic equation
Variable pairs of chords at right angles and drawn through any point P (with eccentric angle ) on the ellipse , to meet the ellipse at two points say A and B. If the line joining A and B passes through a fixed point Q(a, b) such that has the value equal to where m, n are relatively prime positive integers, find .
Let p and q be any two propositions. <br> statement -1 : is a tautology
The line segment joining the points A(3, -4) and B(1, 2) is trisected at the points P(p, -2) and . Find the values of p and q.
Let are two points. Find the slope of line perpendicular to PQ.
. Let P and Q be the points of trisection of the line segment joining the points A(2, -2) and B(-7, 4) such that P is nearer to A. Find the coordinates of P and Q.
Let be a circle with diameter AB and centre O. Let l be the tangent to at B. For each point M on different from A. consider the tangent t at M and let it intersect l at P. Draw a line parallel to AB through P intersecting OM at Q. The locus of Q as M varies over is
P(3, 4), Q(-7, 6). The point A on x-axis for which is least is: 1) , 2) , 3) , 4)
A line passes through (1,0). The slope of the line, for which its intercept between subtends a right angle at the origin is
If the chord joining points and on the ellipse subtends a right angle at the vertex A (a, 0), then

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Theorem :-Every first degree equation in x,y represents a straight line.

Find the slope of a line when two points having coordinates are given ?

Find the slope of a line having equation of the form

Find the angles between two lines .

Examples :(i) Let A(6,4) and B(2,12) be two given points.Find the slope of the line perpendicular to AB. (ii) If line is parallel to the line then find the values of a.

Condition for the parallelism of two lines.

Condition for Perpendicularity of two lines .

What is the intercept of a line on x- axis and y-axis ?

Equation of line parallel to x and y axis

Slope-intercept form of a line