Internal bisector of /_A of triangle ABC meets side BC at D. A line drawn through D perpendicular to AD intersects the side AC at E and the side AB at F. If a, b, c represent sides of DeltaABC , then

Updated On: 2-1-2020

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is a right triangle right angled at A such that and bisector of intersects the side AB at D. Prove that .
किसी में AD, कोण का आंतरिक द्विभाजक का तथा भुजा BC को बिंदु D पर मिलता है । यदि BD=5cm,BC=7.5 m हो , तब AB:AC है ।
In , internal angle bisector of meet side BC in D. meet AC in E and AB in F. then
If a line intersects sides AB and AC of a at D and E respectively and is parallel to BC, prove that
Let triangle be an isosceles triangle with Suppose that the angle bisector of its angle B meets the side at a point and that Find angle A (in degrees).
In The bisector of AD is perpendicular to the side BC (see figure). Show that AB = AC and Is bisector.
If be the vertices of and internal bisector of meets at , find .
Draw any triangle . Bisect side at . Through , draw a line parallel to , meeting in . Measure and .
The sides BC of is product to a point . The bisector of meets side in . If find
In and . If perpendicular constructed on the side AB at A and to the side BC at C meets at D then CD is equal to
Incircle of touches the sides BC, AC and AB at D, E and F, respectively. Then answer the following question <br> The length of side EF is
D और E, की भुजा AB और AC के क्रमश: मध्य बिन्दु है। A से खीची गई एक रेखा H पर BC से और K पर DE से मिलती है। AK:KH=?
E is the mid-point of the side AD of the tarapezium ABCD with . A line through E drawn parallel to AB intersects BC at F. Show that F is the mid-points of BC.
में, बिंदु D तथा E , तथा AB तथा BC पर इस प्रकार है, की भुजा AC , DE के समांतर है। तब त्रिभुज और है।
Given a triangle ABC with and . Internal bisector of intersects BC at D. If AD = BD and is the area of triangle ABC, then find the value of .

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