`int_(0)^(pi) x f(sin x)dx= (pi)/(2) int_(0)^(pi) f(sin x)dx = pi int_(0)^(pi//2) f (sin x)dx`


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Show that `int_0^pixf(sinx)dx=pi/2int_0^pif(sinx)dxdot` If `int_(0)^(pi)x f(sin x) dx = a int_(0)^(pi)f (sin x) dx`, then a = If `int_0^(pi)xf(sinx)dx=Aint_0^(pi/2)f(sinx)dx`, then A is If `int_(0)^(pi) x f(sin x)dx= k int_(0)^(pi//2) f(sin x) dx` then the value of k is Prove the equality <br> `int_(0)^(pi) f (sin x) dx = 2 int_(0)^(pi//2) f (sin x) dx` सिद्ध कीजिए कि `int_(0)^(pi//2)f(sin 2x)sin x dx = sqrt2 int_(0)^(pi//4)f (cos2x)x dx` यदि `int_(0)^(pi) xf (sinx) dx = A int_(0)^(pi//2)` f(sin x) dx तब A का मान है `int_0^(pi/2)(sinx)/(sinx+cosx)dx=int_0^(pi/2)(cosx)/(sinx+cosx)dx = int_0^(pi/2) (dx)/(1+cot x) =int_0^(pi/2) (dx)/(1+tan x) =pi/4` If `int_(0)^(pi) x f (sin x) dx = A int _(0)^(pi//2) f(sin x) dx ,` then A is equal to (i) Show that `int_(0)^(pi)xf(sinx)dx =(pi)/(2)int_(0)^(pi)f (sin x)dx. <br> (ii) Find the value of `int_(-1)^(3//2)|x sin pix|dx`. Prove that `int_(0)^(a) f(x) dx= int_(0)^(a) f(a-x)dx`. Hence find `int_(0)^((pi)/(2)) sin^(2) xdx` If `I_(1)= int_(0)^(3pi) f( sin^(2) x)dx` and `I_(2)= int_(0)^(pi) f(sin^(2)x)dx` then `int_(0)^(pi//2) f(sin 2x) sin x dx= int_(0)^(pi//2) f(sin 2x) cos x dx= sqrt""2 int_(0)^(pi//4) f(cos 2x) cos x dx` If `int_(0)^(pi//2) sin^(6) x dx = (pi)/(32)` then `int_(-pi)^(pi) (sin^(6)x + cos^(6) x)dx=` Let `f` be the function defined on `[-pi,pi]` given by `f(0)=9` and `f(x)=sin((9x)/2)/sin(x/2)` for `x!=0`. The value of `2/pi int_-pi^pif(x)dx` is

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