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Question From class 11 Chapter THREE-DIMENSIONAL GEOMETRY

In which of plane does the point (4,-3,0) lie ?

Answer :


In which plane does the point (0,5,-4) lie ?
In which quadrant does the point lie ?
The point which does not lie in the half plane <br> is
Locate the points in Cartesian plane. Also findthe quadrant in which they lie.
Find the equation of a curve in lie a variable point is . Write the name of the curve.
The forces, which meet at one point but their line of action do not lie in one plane,are called
A point which lie in plane, the sum of co-ordinate is , if distance of point from plane is twice the distance of point from plane, then co-ordinates are
For what value (s) of a will the two points lie on opposite sides of the plane
In which octant does the given point lie? <br> (i) (-2,4,3) (ii) (3,-2,-5) (iii) (-6,3,-4) <br> (iv) (-3,-1,4) (v) (1,-3,6) (4,7,-2)
The difference of the distances of variable point from two given points (3,0) and (-3,0) is 4. Find the locus of the point.
Does the line y-x+3=0 pass through the point (3,0) ?
In which plane the following points lie : <br> (i) (1,3, 0) <br> (ii) (-2, 0, 4) <br> (iii) (0, 4, -1)
Which of the following points does not lie on the line ?
Does the point (1,3) lie in the region specified by x-y+2 0 ?
Does the point (0,0) lie in the region specified by ?

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