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Question From class 11 Chapter TRIGONOMETRIC FUNCTIONS

In triangle , base and area of triangle are fixed. The locus of the centroid of triangle is a straight line that is a) parallel to side (b)right bisector of side BC (c)perpendicular to BC (d)inclined at an angle to side BC

A variable triangle is circumscribed about a fixed circle of unit radius. Side always touches the circle at D and has fixed direction. If B and C vary in such a way that (BD) (CD)=2, then locus of vertex A will be a straight line. parallel to side BC perpendicular to side BC making an angle with BC making an angle with
A perpendicular drawn from a vertex to the opposite side of a triangle is known as an altitude     (b) a median        (c)  an angle bisector a bisector
The sides of a triangle are in , then the line joining the centroid to the incentre is parallel to (a)The largest side (b)The smaller side (C)The middle side (d)None of the sides
In a triangle ABC, let BC = 1, AC=2 and measure of angle C is 30°. Which of the following statement(s) is (are) correct? (A) 2 sinA =sin B (B) Length of side AB equals (C) Measure of angle A is less than (D) Circumradius of triangle ABC is equal to length of side AB
Find the perimeter of each of the following shapes: An equilateral triangle of side 9cm. An isosceles triangle with equal side 8cm each and third side 6cm. An isosceles triangle with and altitude from on equal to 8cm. A regular hexagon with each side measuring 8cm.
ABC is right angle triangle at C. Let BC = a, CA = b, AB = c and Let 'P' be the length of perpendicular from C to AB. prove that
Prove that the area of an equilateral triangle is equal to where is the side of the triangle. GIVEN : An equilateral triangle such that TO PROVE : CONSTRUCTION : Draw
a triangle with fixed base , the vertex moves such that If denote the length of the sides of the triangle opposite to the angles , respectively, then (b) the locus of point is an ellipse the locus of point is a pair of straight lines
If the bisector of the vertical angle of a triangle bisects the base of the triangle. then the triangle is isosceles. GIVEN : A in which is the bisector of meeting in such that TO PROVE : is an isosceles triangle.
If the altitude from one vertex of a triangle bisects the opposite side, then the triangle is isosceles. GIVEN : A such that the altitude from on the opposite side bisects i.e., TO PROVE : i.e. the triangle is isosceles.
The sum of any two sides of a triangle is greater than the third side. GIVE : A TO PROVE : and CONSTRUCTION : Produce side to such that Join
The area of triangle formed by vertices are is and the area of triangle whose vertices are and is . If represent the sides of triangle of perimeter 16. Then the value of
If the bisector of the angle A of triangle ABC meets BC in D, prove that
If where a, b, c are the sides of a triangle, then the largest angle of that triangle is
DABC is an isosceles triangle in which . Side BA is produced to D such that (see Fig. 7.34). Show that is a right angle.
In a right angled triangle, one acute angle is double the other. Prove that the hypotenuse is double the smallest side. GIVEN : A in which and . to prove : CONSTRUCTION : Produce to such that Join
In , AD is the perpendicular bisector of BC (see Fig. 7.30). Show that is an isosceles triangle in which .
and are two isosceles triangles on the same base BC and vertices A and D are on the same side of BC (see Fig. 7.39). If AD is extended to intersect BC at P, show that (i) (ii)
If side BC of triangle ABC is produced to P and CE is drawn perpendicular on AC such that angle A: angle B: angle , find angle

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