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Question From class 6 Chapter KNOWING OUR NUMBERS

In the international place value system, we write one million for (a) 1 lakh          (b)   10 lakh       (c)  100 lakh     (d)  1 crore

Fill in the blanks: (a) 1 lakh = ten thousand (b) 1 million = hundred thousand (c) 1 crore = ten lakh (d) 1 crore = million. (e) 1 million = lakh
Ten millions equal to: 10 lakh           (b)  1 crore   (c)   10 crore        (d)  1 lakh
Place commas correctly and write the numerals: (a)  Seventy three lakh seventy five thousand three hundred seven. (b) Nine crore five lakh forty one. (c)  Seven crore fifty two lakh twenty one thousand three hundred two. (d) Fifty eight million four hundred twenty three thousand two hundred two. (e)  Twenty three lakh thirty thousand ten.
Which of the following numbers is equal to 1 billion? 10 lakh       (b)  1 crore       (c)  10 crore      (d)  100 crore
The product of the successor 999 and predecessor of 1001 is One lakh                      (b)     one billion (c) one million                   (d)     one crore
Write each of the following in numeral form: Eight thousand twelve. Seventy thousand fifty three Five lakh seven thousand four hundred six Six lakh two thousand nine. Thirty lakh eleven thousand one. Eight crore four lakh twenty five Three crore three lakh three thousand three hundred three. Seventeen crore sixty lakh thirty thousand fifty seven.
Insert commas correctly and write the following numerals: Seventy three lakh seventy five thousand three hundred seven. Nine core five lakh forty one. Twenty three lakh thirty thousand ten Seven crore fifty two lakh twenty one thousand three hundred two.
Write the following numbers in digit. Also, express them in expanded form. Five lakh forty two thousand fifty seven Seven lakh six hundred eight Thirty five lakh eight hundred twenty nine. Nine crore fifty six lakh thirty four thousand seventy four.
If the amount of profit earned by Company in 2006 was Rs 10.12 lakh, what was the total investment? (a) Rs 13.8 lakh (b) Rs 14.9 lakh (c) Rs 15.4 lakh (d) Rs 14.2 lakh (e) None of these
Write the following in figures. <br> (i) Six crore six lakh and six thousand <br> (ii) Seven arab five crore three hundred and one <br> (iii) Eighty eight crore ninety nine lakh fifty five thousand and seventy four
When 15% is lost in grinding wheat a country can export 30 lakh tons of wheat. On the other hand, if 10% is lost in grinding it can export 40 lakh tones of wheat. The production of wheat in the country is: a. 20 lakh tons   b. 80 lakh tons c. 200 lakh tons     d. 800 lakh tons
If the amount invested by Company in 2004 is Rs 12 lakh and income of 2004 is equal to the investment in 2005, what is the amount of profit earned in 2005 by Company ? (a) Rs 6.6 lakh (b) Rs 18.6 lakh (c) Rs 10.23 lakh (d) Rs 9.6 lakh (e) None of these
If the total amount invested by the two companies in 2009 was Rs 27 lakh, while the amount invested by Company was 50% of the amount invested by Company , what was the total profit earned by the two companies together? (a) Rs 21.15 lakh (b) Rs 20.70 lakh (c) Rs 18.70 lakh (d) Rs 20.15 lakh (e) None of these
If the investments of Company in 2007 and 2008 were equal, what is the difference between the profits earned in the two years if the income in 2008 was Rs 24 lakh? (a) Rs 2.25 lakh (b) Rs 3.6 lakh (c) Rs 1.8 lakh (d) Rs 2.6 lakh (e) None of these
If each of the companies and invested Rs 25 lakh in 2010, what was the average profit earned by the two companies? (a) Rs 18 lakh (b) Rs 22.5 lakh (c) Rs 17.5 lakh (d) Rs 20 lakh (e) None of these

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