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Question From class 9 Chapter CIRCLES

In the given figure, AB and CD are two chords equidistant from the centre O. OP is the perpendicular drawn from centre O to AB. If , find PB

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Two chords AB and CD of a circle are each at distances 4 cm from the centre. Then, AB=CD.
.In given figure is perpendicular segment drawn from centre O to chord AB. If OB=5 cm and OC= 3cm then find the length of AB
In Figure, is the centre of the circle of radius Determine
The distances of two chords AB and CD from the centre of a circle are 6 cm and 8 cm respectively. Then, which chord is longer?
In the adjoining figure ,AB and CD are two parallel chords of a circle with centre O , whose length are 16 cm and 12 cm respectively. Find the radius of the circle if the distance between them is 14 cm. <br> <img src="" width="80%">
AB and CD are two parallel chords of a circle which are on opposite sides of the centre such that AB , CD cm and the distance between AB and CD is 17cm. Find the radius of the circle.
In the given figure, a straight line l passing through the centre O of the circle bisects the chord AB and CD. Prove that AB||CD.
From an external point two tangents are drawn to the circle with centre Prove that is the perpendicular bisector of
In the adjoining figure, 'O' is the centre of the circle. and are perpendiculars from O to the chords AB and BC respectively. If and , then find the length of BC. <br> <img src="" width="80%">
are diameters of a circle with centre If find
AB and CD are equal and parallel chords of a circle with centre O. Then AC passes through the centre O. [Agree Disagree]
are mid-point of two equal chords of a circle with centre . Prove that (ii)
In the given figure, AB and CD are the diameters of a circle with centre O, perpendicular to each other. OA is the diameter of the smaller circle. If cm, find the area of the shaded region. <br> <img src="" width="80%">
If figure, O is the centre of the circle, . <br> <img src="" width="80%">
In Figure, equal chords and of a circle with centre cut at right angles at If and are mid-point of and respectively, prove that OMEN is a square.

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