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In the adjacent figure is a parallelogram. Find the angle measures State the geometrical truths you use to find them. (Figure)

The adjacent figure HOPE is a parallelogram. Find the angle measures x, y and z. State the properties you use to find them.
The measure of one of the parallelogram is . Find the measures of the angles of the parallelogram . <br> The following steps are involved in solving the above problem. Arrange them in sequential order. <br> (A) <br> (B) Let the angle adjacent to be x. <br> (C ) The sum of the measures of adjacent angle of a parallelogram is . <br> (D) The measure of the angles of the parallelogram are
In Figure, is an isosceles trapezium. Find
In Figure, are the mid-points of opposite sides of a parallelogram are joined intersecting in are joined intersecting in . Show that is a parallelogram (ii) is a parallelogram quadrilateral is a parallelogram
In Figure, find the four angles in the parallelogram
In Figure, is a parallelogram. Compute the values of
In Figure, If and are bisectors of and respectively of find and Figure
The adjacent figure is a trapezium in which find the measures of
Find the value of in the adjacent figure. Figure
In Fig.84, Find the values of
The interior angle of a regular polygon of n sides is equal to . Find in the given figure, if ABCD is a parallelogram.
In Fig 3.26, BEST is a parallelogram. Find the values x, y and z.
Diagonals of parallelogram intersect at as shown in Figure. XY contains are points on opposite sides of the parallelogram. Give reasons for each of the following: (ii) (iv) Now, state if is bisected at
Two adjacent angles of a parallelogram are as 1:2. Find the measures of all the angles of the parallelogram.
In Figure, is a parallelogram, are, respectively, the angle bisectors of . Line is drawn parallel to . Prove that: (ii)

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Curve --a plane figure formed by joining a number of points without lifting a pencil from the paper and without retracing any portion of the drawing other than single points is called a curve.

Open curve is a curve which does not cut itself is called an open curve .

Closed curves a curve which cuts itself is called a closed curve.

Simple closed curve a closed curve is called a simple closed curve if it does not pass through one point more than once.

Position of a point with respect to a curve.

Polygons a polygon is a closed curve (figure)formed by the line segments such that : (i)no two line segments intersect except at their end -points.(ii)no two line segments with a common end points are coincident.

Polygons are classified according to the number of sides.

Adjacent sides any two sides with a common endpoint(vertex)are called the adjacent sides of the polygon.

Adjacent vertices the end-points of the same side of a polygon are known as the adjacent vertices.

DIAGONALS The line segments obtained by joining vertices which are are not adjacents are called the diagonals of the polygon.