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Question From class 14 Chapter PROFIT AND LOSS

In place of 18% profit an article is sold at 32% profit and seller gets ₹112 more. Fmd the selling price of article ifitwere sold at 25% profit?




₹ 550

Answer :


Solution :

Let the cost price of article = 100x <br> ATQ <br> 32x - 18x = 112 <br> 14x = 112 <br> x = 8 <br> Cost price of article <br> Selling price of earn 25% profit

A shopkeeper sold an article at 5% profit. If he had sold it at a profit of the profit would have been ? 25 more. What is the cost price of the article ?
Cost price of article A is Rs 200 more than the cost price of article B. Article A was sold at 10% loss and article B was sold at 25% profit. If the overall profit earned after selling both the articles is 4%, then what is the cost price of article B?
A sold an article to B at 10% profit . B sold it to c at 20% profit. Find the price at which A bought the article if B's profit is Rs 44. (in Rs)
कोई वस्तु 25% के लाभ पर बेचीं जाती है। यदि बिक्री मूल्य दुगुना कर दिया जाए तो लाभ कितना होगा ?
An article is sold at a profit 20% had it been sold for Rs 60 more, the profit would have been 30%. Find the CP
An article is marked at ? 900.After giving a discount of 20% ,it is sold at a profit of 20%.Find the cost price of the article.
किसी वस्तु को बिक्री मूल्य के पर बेचने इ विक्रेता को 10 % की हानि हुई यदि उसे मूल बिक्री मूल्य पर बेचा जाता तो लाभ\हानि का प्रतिशत क्या होता
Ravi sold an article to Sudhir at a profit of 6% who in turn sold that to Gopal at a loss of 5%. If Gopal paid Rs. 2,014 for the article, find the cost price of the article for Ravi.
Karthik marked an article at 60% above its cost price. He sold it at profit after 2 successive discounts of 10% each. Find the profit percentage.
If Nanda sold and article ar Rs 40 and earned 100% profit then what should be the selling price to earned profit of 300%
एक दूध विक्रेता ने लागत मूल्य पर दूध बेचकर 25 % के लाभ कमाने कि लिए दूध में पानी मिला दिया पानी और दूध के अनुपात कितना है
By selling an article at of the marked price there is a loss of 10%. The profit percent when the article is sold at the marked price is a. b. 30% c. d.
A person sold an article from ? 3600 and got a profit of20%. Had he sold the article for ? 3150, how much profit would he have got?
A sold an article to B at 10% profit. B sold it to C at 20% profit. Find the price at which A bought if B's profit is Rs.44.
Amish sold an article at two -thirds of the marked price and suffered a loss of .Find the percentage of profit if he sold the article at the marked price.

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