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Question From class 10 Chapter X Boards

In Fig. 2, a circle with centre O is inscribed in a quadrilateral ABCD such that, it touches the sides BC, AB, AD and CD at points P, Q, R and S respectively. If AB=29 cm, AD-23 cm, and DS = 5 cm, then the radius of the circle (in cm)

A circle is inscribed in a quadrilateral ABCD where If AD=24 cm AB=30 cm and DS= 8cm find the radius r of the incircle
In quadrilateral ABCD, angle , dc=25 cm. A circle is inscribed in this quadrilateral which touches AB at point Q such that QB=27 cm. Find the radius of the circle.
एक वृत्त, एक चतुर्भुज ABCD की चारों भुजाओं को अन्तः स्पर्श करता है। सिद्ध कीजिए कि- <br> AB + CD = AD + BC. <br> (अथवा) आकृति, में एक चतुर्भुज ABCD, O केन्द्र वाले वृत्त के परिगत इस प्रकार बनाई गई है कि भुजाएँ AB, BC, CD, तथा DA वृत्त को क्रमशः बिन्दुओं P, Q, R तथा S पर स्पर्श करती हैं। सिद्ध कीजिए कि <br> AB + CD = BC + DA <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/UP_X_MAT_C10_E02_009_Q01.png" width="80%">
In the given figure, ABCD is a quadrilateral in which . A circle touches the sides AB,BC,CD,DA at P,Q,R and S respectively. If BC=38 cm, CD=25 cm, and BP=27 cm, then find the value of .
In Figure, a circle with centre is inscribed in a quadrilatal BC, AB, AD na AT POINTS P, Q, R and S respectively. If and then the radius of the circle (in cm) is 11 (b) 18 (c) 6 (d) 15
In Fig.2, a quadrilateral ABCD is drawn to circumscribe a circle, with centre O, in such a way that the sides AB, BC, CD and DA touch the circle at the points P, Q, R and S respectively. Prove that AB + CD = BC + DA.
If the sides of a quadrilateral ABCD touch a circle prove that <br>
Construct a quadrilateral ABCD in which AB=4.6 cm, BC=2.6 cm, CD=3.5 cm, AD=2.6 cm and the diagonal AC=4.9 cm.
Find the perimeter and area of the quadrilateral ABCD in which AB= 17 cm , and AC=15 cm.
If is a quadrilateral in which and prove that = .
A park is in the shape of quadrilateral ABCD in which AB = 9 cm, BC = 12 cm, CD = 5 cm, AD = 8 cm and . Find the area of the park.
Construct a quadrilateral ABCD in which AB=4.2 cm , cm, CD=3.3 cm, and AD=2.4 cm.
Construct a quadrilateral ABCD in which AB=4.2 cm, and .
In the given figure, a circle inscribed in a triangle ABC, touches the sides AB, BC and AC at points D, E and F respectively. If AB= 12 cm, BC= 8 cm and AC = 10 cm, find the lengths of AD, BE and CF.
A quadrilateral ABCD is drawn to circumscribe a circle. Prove that AB+CD=AD+BC. <br> or <br> A circle touches all the four sides of a quadrilateral ABCD. Prove that AB+CD=BC+DA.

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Definition of circle

Theorem: A tangent to a circle is perpendicular to the radius through the point of contact.

Theorem:A line drawn through the end point of a radius and perpendicular to it is a tangent to the circle.

Position of point and Find the no of tangents

Theorem: The length of two tangents drawn from an external point to a circle are equal.

Theorem:If two tangents are drawn to a circle from an external point ; then (i) they subtend equal angles at the centre. (ii) they are equally inclined to the line segments ; joining the centre to that point.

Type I: A point P is 13cm from the center of the circle. The length of the tangent drawn from P to the circle is 12 cm . Find the radius of the circle ?

A circle is touching the side BC of at P and touching AB and AC produced at Q and R respectively Prove that (Perimeter of )

Type III: Two concentric circles of radii 5cm and 3cm . Find the length of the chord of the larger circle which touches the smaller circle.

Type IV: A circle touches the sides of the quadrilateral ABCD at P, Q, R, and S respectively. Show that the angles subtended at the center by a pair of opposite sides are supplementary.