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Question From class 12 Chapter JEE MAINS

In a triangle the sum of two sides is x and the product of the same is y. If where c is the third side. Determine the ration of the in-radius and circum-radius

Solution :

a+b=x<br> a*b=y<br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> .

In a triangle the sum of lengths of two sides sides x and the product of the lengths of the saem two sides is y. if , where c is the length of the third side of then triangle, then the circumradius of the triangle is
The sum of two sides of a triangle is x. And the product of those arms is y. If Where c is the third side of the triangle. Then find the ratio of the radius and the radius of the triangle.
A triangle has circum radius R and sides a, b, c with , then triangle is
If the two circles and have equal radius then locus of (g,f) is
Two equal sides of an isosceles triangle are given by the equations and The slope of the third side is
A triangle has two sides and where and are the roots of the equation . If be the orthocenter of the triangle, then find the equation of the third side in terms of , and .
Let equation of two sides of a triangle are and If orthocentre of triangle is then the equation of third side of triangle is (a) (2) (3) (4)
If two sides of a triangle are represented by and the centroid is then the equation of third side is
Find the circum-centre and the circum-radius of a triangle ABC formed by the vertices A(2,-2) , B (-1,1) and C(3,1).
If two equal sides of a triangle are then locus of mid point of third side is
Property The sum of any two sides of a triangle is greater than the third side.
Two sides of a triangle are in lengthand the length of the median to the third side is . The area of the triangle is . Thevalue of x is
Fill in the blanks with lt or gt <br> (a) (Sum of any two sides of a triangle)….. (the third side). <br> (b) (Difference of any two sides of a triangle)….(the third side). <br> (c) (Sum of three altitudes of a triangle)….(sum of its three sides). <br> (d) (Sum of any two sides of a triangle)…..(twice the median to the 3rd side). <br> (e) (Perimeter of a triangle)....(sum of its three medians).
Circum centre of the triangle formed by the lines is
Side of pedal triangle and Circum-Radius of pedal Triangle

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