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In a triangle the sum of two sides is x and the product of the same is y. If where c is the third side. Determine the ration of the in-radius and circum-radius

Solution :

a+b=x<br> a*b=y<br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> .

The area of the right angled triangle in terms of its circum radius and inradius is
A triangle with side lengths in the ration is inscribed in circle of radius 3.The area of the triangle is equal to
Property The sum of any two sides of a triangle is greater than the third side.
Side of pedal triangle and Circum-Radius of pedal Triangle
The radius of the incircle of a triangle is 4 cm and the segments into which one side is divided by the point of contact are 6 cm and 8 cm. Determine the other two sides of the triangle.
A triangle has circum radius R and sides a, b, c with , then triangle is
Two equal sides of an isosceles triangle are given by the equations and The slope of the third side is
Sum of any two sides of a triangle is greater than the third side.
Two sides of a triangle are in lengthand the length of the median to the third side is . The area of the triangle is . Thevalue of x is
The sum of any two sides of a triangle is greater than third side.
Fill in the blanks with lt or gt <br> (a) (Sum of any two sides of a triangle)….. (the third side). <br> (b) (Difference of any two sides of a triangle)….(the third side). <br> (c) (Sum of three altitudes of a triangle)….(sum of its three sides). <br> (d) (Sum of any two sides of a triangle)…..(twice the median to the 3rd side). <br> (e) (Perimeter of a triangle)....(sum of its three medians).
6. Let one angle of a triangle be 60°, the area of triangle is 10/3 and perimeter is 20 cm. Ifa>b> c where a, b and e denote lengths of sides opposite to vertices A, B and C respectively, then which of the following is (are) correct? (A) Inradius of triangle is 3 (C 下 (B) Length of longest side of triangle is 7 ) Circum radius oftriangle is (D) Radius of largest escribed circle is 12
If a regular polygon of sides has circum radius and inradius then each side of polygon is:
If two sides of a triangle are represented by and the centroid is then the equation of third side is
A triangle has two sides and where and are the roots of the equation . If be the orthocenter of the triangle, then find the equation of the third side in terms of , and .
Fill in the blanks to make the following statements true: In a right triangle the hypotenuse is the ...... side. The sum of three altitudes of a triangle is ......... than its perimeter. The sum of any two sides of a triangle is ......... than the third side. If two angles of a triangle are unequal, then the smaller angle has the ........... side opposite to it. Difference of any two sides of a triangle is ......... than the third side. If two sides of a triangle are unequal, then the larger side has ..... angle opposite to it.
Draw five triangles and measure their sides. Check in each case, if the sum of the lengths of any two sides is always less than the third side.
If the two circles and have equal radius then locus of (g,f) is
A regular polygon of sides where length of each side is is inscribed in a circle. Then the radius of the circle is

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Sine formula proof :Sine Rule

Problem on sine rule Type:-1(i) In a ; If ;find (ii) In a ; the angle of a triangle are in AP ; It is being given that

An object is observed from three points in the same horizontal line passing through the base of the object. The angle of elevation at is twice and at is thrice than that at . If prove that the height of the object is

The law of cosines proof :

In prove that (i) (ii) (iii)

Half Angle Formula of

Half Angle Formula of

Half Angle Formula of

In any (i) (ii) (iii)

Verify area of triangle is (i) (ii) Herons Formula

Verify area of triangle is (i) abc/4R (ii) 2 R^2 SinA sinB sinC

(1)What is Circumcenter and Circumcircle of Triangle (2) What are the Position of Circumcentre wrt type of triangle ?

What is the Distance of Circumcenter from vertex of triangle ?

Explain Incenter and Incircle. Show incenter is Intersection point of angle bisector

State Angle Bisector Theorem and prove it .

(i) Find the Distance of incenter from vertex (ii)Find the Length of tangent from Vertices to incircle

(i)Find the length of Angle Bisector

Derive the Formula of inradius

Distance Between Circumcenter and incenter

(i)Explain Orthocenter with diagram and position of orthocenter in acute triangle; right triangle and obtuse triangle .

Distance of Orthocenter from sides and vertices

Distance between circumcenter and orthocenter ?

What is pedal triangle In acute angle triangle (orthocenter of ABC is Incenter of Pedal Triangle.)?

Side of pedal triangle and Circum-Radius of pedal Triangle

(i)Centroid of a triangle (ii) Length of Median

State Apollonius Theorem and Centroid divides circumcentre and orthocentre in 1:2

Escribed Circle

Find the Radius of escribed circle

Prove that

Prove that

If in a triangle ; Prove that triangle is right angled.

Prove that

Prove that

Given a triangle ABC with sides Find the value of expressions

State Geometrical relation of Excenters

Distance between Incenter and excenter

Distance between Excenters


Area of the Quadrilateral

Cyclic Quadrilateral and its properties

Regular polygon and its area

Solution of Triangle in different cases :- (1) When (2) and is an acute angle (3) and is an acute angle (4) ;and is an acute angle

Solution of Triangle in different cases :- (5)When and is an obtuse angle (6) when (7)

Formulas for Circumradius

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