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Question From class 9 Chapter NUMBER SYSTEMS

In a triangle ABC, having AD is median and area of triangle ABD= 120 . Find area of triangle ABC.

The area of triangle ABC = 30.1cm2. calculate the height of triangle ABD,If AB = 4.3cm.
From the diagram, AD is median of triangle ABC and E is the midpoint of AD final area of triangle AEB area of triangle ABC. What do you observe?
AD is an altitude of an equilateral triangle ABC. On AD as base, another equilateral triangle ADE is constructed. Prove that Area ( triangle ADE ):  Area ( triangle ABC )=3:4.
X is a point on median AL of triangle ABC. Prove that triangle ABX is equal in area.
If the median AD and BE of a triangle ABC intersect at 0, prove that area of area of quadrilateral
Find if the area of the triangle is and the height is (Fing 11.21)
In the given figure AD is the median. If the area of , find the area of <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/NTN_MATH_IX_C09_E01_042_Q01.png" width="80%">
In triangle ABC, base BC and area of triangle are fixed. The locus of the centroid of triangle ABC is a straight line that is
Given a triangle ABC with and . Internal bisector of intersects BC at D. If AD = BD and is the area of triangle ABC, then find the value of .
In a triangle medians are drawn. If then the area of the triangle is equal to then is equal to
In the given figure ratio of AD:DC=3:2 and area of triangle ABC is 40cm^2. Then find the value of area of triangle BDC
In Figure, two sides and the median of are equal respectively to the two sides and the median of the other triangle Prove that (ii)
In triangle ABC medians AD and CE are drawn, if AD=5, and , then the area of triangle ABC is equal to a. b. c. d.
?? ??????? ABC ??? M,BC ??? N,AM ?? ????????? ?? |BN ?? ??? ???? ?? ?? AC ?? D ?? ????? ?? ???? ??????? ?? ????????? ???? ???? ?? , ?? ??????? AND ?? ????????? ????? ??? ?
In a triangle ABC, D is mid-point of BC; AD is produced upto E so that DE = AD Prove that: (i) are congruent. (ii) AB = EC. (ii) AB is parallel to EC

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What we already learned in previous classes

How similarity is different from congruence.

Similar Polygons

Similar Triangles and their properties

Basic proportionality Theorem or Thales Theorem - If a line is drawn parallel to one side of a triangle intersecting the other two sides; then it divides the two sides in the same ratio.

If in a ; a line DE||BC; intersects AB in D and AC in E; Then / = /

Converse of Basis proportionality theorem : If a line divides any two sides of a triangle in the same ratio; then the line must be parallel to the third side.

The internal angle bisector of an angle of a triangle divide the opposite side internally in the ratio of the sides containgthe angle

If a line through one vertex of a triangle divides the opposite sides in the Ratio of other two sides; then the line bisects the angle at the vertex.

The external angle bisector of an angle of a triangle divides the opposite side externally in the ratio of the sides containing the angle.

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