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In a triangle ABC, , then find the distance of the vertex A from the orthocenter

Answer :

Solution :

Distance of vertex a from orthocenter H given by is <br> <br> we have, <br> <br> <br>

If chord BC subtends right angle at the vertex A of the parabola with then find the area of triangle ABC.
If chord BC subtends right angle at the vertex A of the parabola with then find the area of triangle ABC.
Triangle ABC is inscribed in the parabola with A as vertex and the orthocenter of the triangle as the focus of the parabola then(i) The distance of the centroid of the triangle (ii) The distance of the circumcenter of the triangle from the vertex A
In a triangle ABC if , then
In a triangle then what is the maximum possible value of angle
If vertex A of triangle ABC is and centroid is , then find the midpoint of side BC.
Line joining vertex A of triangle ABC and orthocenter (H) meets the side BC in D. Then prove that <br> (a) <br> (b)
If in a triangle ABC, +(cos B)/(b)+2(cos C)/c=(a)/(bc)+b/(ca)
What is pedal triangle In acute angle triangle (orthocenter of ABC is Incenter of Pedal Triangle.)?
If the orthocenter of an isosceles triangle lies on the incircle of the triangle then A) the base angle of the triangle is B) the triangle is acute C) the base angle of the triangle is D) If S, I are the circumcentre and incentre and R is circumradius then
In a triangle ABC, AB = 5 , BC = 7, AC = 6. A point P is in the plane such that it is at distance '2' units from AB and 3 units form AC then its distance from BC
Distance of the orthocenter H from vertex B is
If And Find the value of angle A in the triangle ABC.
Orthocenter and circumcenter of a are , respectively. If the coordinates of the vertex are then find the coordinates of the middle point of
In triangle ABC, if and . Then find the angle BAC

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