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Question From class 9 Chapter POLYNOMIALS

In a school auditorium, the number of chairs in a row is the same as the number of rows of chairs. There are 3948 students in the school. If we know that less than 22 chairs were empty, how many chairs were empty after all the students sat down?

Solution :

<br> <br> <br> <br> 21 chairs will left after sitting the student.

If there are rows of chairs and each row contains chairs. Determine the total number of chairs.
In an examination hall there are four rows of chairs. Each row has 8 chairs one behind the other. There are two classes sitting for the examination with 16 students in each class. It is desired that i each row, all students belong to the same class and that no two adjacent row are allotted to the same class. In how many ways can these 32 students be seated?
There are four chairs with two chairs in each row. In how many ways can four persons be seated on the chairs, so that no chair remains unoccupied
A school collected Rs 2304 as fees from its students. If each student paid as many paise as there were students in the school, how many students were there in the school ?
In a room there are rows of chairs and each row contains chairs. The total number of chairs in the room is (b0 (c) (d)
5929 students are sitting in an auditorium in such a manner that there are as many students in a row as there are rows in the auditorium. How many rows are there in the auditorium.
The cost of 17 chairs is Rs. 9605. Find the number of chairs that can be purchased in Rs. 56500.
In how many ways 4 persons can occupy 10 chairs in a row, if no two sit on adjacent chairs?
?? ?????? ??? 70% ???????? ??????? ??? ???? ?? ?????? 520 ??, ?? ????? ??? ??? ????? ???????? ?? ?
If the cost price of 10 chairs is the same as the selling price of 16 chairs, find the percentage profit or loss in the sale.
The cost of 17 chairs is Rs. 19210. Find the number of such chairs that can be purchased in Rs. 113000?
45% of the students in a school are boys. If the total number of students in the school is 880, find the number of girls in the school.
In how many ways may girls and boys be seated in a row of chairs, if the two sexes must alternate?
In an examination the percentage of students qualified to the number of students appeared from school A is 70%. In school B, the number of students appeared is 20% more than the student appeared from school A and the number of students qualified from school B is 50% more than the students qualified from school A. What is the percentage of students qualified to the number of students appeared from school B? b. c. d. 87.5%
The students of Class VIII of a school donated Rs 2401 in all, for Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund. Each student donated as many rupees as the number of students in the class. Find the number of students in the class.
The number of students in a college is 36996 .There was a decrease of 7.69% over the previous year,how many students were there last year? "
In a school there were 550 students and the ratio of boys and girls was 6:5. After some time 50 girl students joined the school but few boys left the school. As a result,the ratio of boys and girls became 11:12 .Find how many boys left the school.

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Definition of algebraic expressions

Operations on algebric expressions - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Some Important Identities - (i) (ii)

Important Identity -

Important Identitiy

Expand each of the following (i) (ii) (iii)

Evaluate each of the following by using Identities - (i) 103 x 97 (ii) 103 x 103 (iii) 97 x 97 (iv) 105 + 106

Simplify :

If ; Find (i) (ii)

If = 5 is given then find the value of (i) (ii)

If ; then find the value of

If and xy =6; find the value of

Prove that :

If then show that

Simplify :


How to find the square of a trinomial .

Some special cases of square of trinomial expression

How to find the square of a trinomial .

Write the following in expanded form: (i) (ii)

If ; find

If Find the value of

Simplify :

Find the value of when

Cube of a binomial :

Cube of a binomial :

Write each of the following in the expanded form (i) (ii)

If ; find the value of

Find the following cube using identities


If ;find the value of

If ; find the value of

If ; find the value

if . Find the value of

If find the value of

Formulae for the sum and differences of cubes

Find the following products (i)

Simplify :

If find the value of and

If x=1 and y=-2; by using the identity find the following : (i) (ii)

Important Identity -

Condition identitiy : If then

Simplify :

If and is given then find the value of

Evaluate :

If x+y+z = 6 and xy+yz+zx = 11 and xyz = 6 is given find the value of .

If is given find the value of

Simplify :

If then find the possible relation between x;y and z.

If then (a)1 (b) (c) (d) 0

Simplify :

Factorisation - How to Factorise?

How to factorise expression using following identities.

Factorization by taking out the common factors :

Factorisation by grouping the terms:

Factorization by making a perfect square :

Factorization by making a perfect square :

Factorizing the difference of squares :

Factorise the difference :

Examples based on the middle term concepts :

Give possible expressions for the length and breadth of the rectangle whose area is

What are the possible expressions for the dimensions of a cuboid whose volume is .

Factorize the expression of the following

Factorize the expressions in the form :

Factorize :

Prove : =100

Factorize each of the following :

Simplify :

Factorize : (i)

Prove :

Factorize : (i) (ii)

If ; prove that

What is Polynomial

Determine which of the following are polynomial in one variable and which are not ?

Terms and Coefficients of polynomial

Identify the terms and coefficients of the polynomial

Definition of a Degree of a polynomial

Types of polynomial : Constant ; Linear; Quadratic; Cubic and Bi-quadratic Polynomial

Types of Polynomial on the basis of degree of Polynomial (iv) Cubic polynomial (v) Bi-quadratic polynomial

Identify the constant;linear;quadratic;cubic and bi-quadratic poolynomial from the following polynomial (i) f(x) = (ii) g(x)= (iii) (iv) (v)

Give on example of ab binomial of degree 35; and of a monomial of degree 100.

Value of a polynomial ( Definition and Examples)

If ; Find f(-1) and f(2)

Zero or Root of polynomial

Show that x = 2 is a root of a polynomial

Integral Root Theorem

Rational Root Theorem

A polynomial of degree n can have atmost n real roots

Method to determine zeros of a polynomial

Find integral roots of the polynomial

Remainder calculation by long division method

Statement of Remainder theorem

Find the remainder when is divided by (x-a)

If the polynomials and leave the same remainder when divided by ; find the value of a.

Factor Theorem

Show that (x+1) and (2x-3) are factors of

Find the value of a and b so that the polynomial is exactly divisible by (x-1) and (x-2).

If is a factor of ; show that

If a polynomial such that when it is divided by (x-1) and (x+1); the remainders are 5 and 19 respectively. Determine the remainder when f(x) is divided by (x-2).

What Must be added to so that the result is exactly divisible

What must be subtracted from so that the resultant is exactly divisible by ?

Algorithm to factorize polynomials with integer coefficients (Step 1 to Step 7)

Using factor theorem; factorize the polynomial

Factorize ; if it is given that (3z+10) is a factor it.

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