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Question From class 11 Chapter SETS

In a group of 70 people, 37 like coffee, 52 like tea and each person likes at least one of the two drinks. How many people like both coffee and tea?

Solution :

Number of person who like coffee, <br> Number of person who like tea, <br> As each person likes at least one of the two drinks,<br> Number of person who like both coffee and tea,<br>

In a group of 70 persons, 37 like coffee and 52 like tea. Each person like atleast one drink. Find how many persons like both drink ?
In a survey conduced on 800 students of a school , 250 students were found to like tea and 300 like coffee , 150 like both tea and coffee .Find how many students like neither tea nor coffee ?
In a group of 50 persons, 30 like tea, 25 like cofffee and 16 like both, how many like. <br> (i) either tea or coffee ? <br> (ii) neither tea nor coffee?
In a group of 52 persons, 16 drinks tea but not coffee and 33 drink tea. <br> Find (i) how many drink tea and coffee both, <br> (ii) how many drink coffee but not tea.
In an office, every employee likes at least one of tea, coffee and milk. The number of employees who like only tea, only coffee, only milk and all the three are all equal. The number of emploees who like only tea and coffee, only coffee and milk and only tea and milk are equal and each is equal to half the number of employees who like all the three then a possible value of the number of employees in the office is______
In a group of persons, the number of persons who like only one -third of that of those like neither tea nor coffee, or one-fourth of that of those who like both tea and are 100 persons in the group, then find the number of persons who like both tea and coffee,
In a group of 25 people, 17 drink tea. Out of these 10 drink only tea. Find how many people drink coffee but not tea ? It is given that each one takes atleast one drink.
In a group of 20 children, 8 drink tea but not coffee and 13 like tea. The number of children drinking coffee but not tea is
In a group of 50 persons, 14 drink tea but not coffee and 30 drink tea. Find: How many drink tea and coffee both How many drink coffee but tea.
In a school, on the Republic day, three dramas A, B and C are performed on the dais. In a group of people, who attended the function and who like at least one of the three dramas, 16 people like A,20 people like B,15 people like C,4 people like both A and B,3 people like all the three. Then how many people like at most two?
In a group of 52 persons, 16 drink tea but not coffee and 33 drink tea. How many drink coffee but not tea? (a) 3        (b) 7     (c) 17     (d) 19
In a group of 65 people, 40 like cricket, 10 like both cricket and tennis. How many like tennis only and not cricket? How many like tennis?
An investigator interviewed 100 students to determine the performance of three drinks: that 10 students take all three drinks milk, milk, coffee and tea. The investigator reported coffee and tea; 20 students take milk and coffee: 25 students take milk and tea; 20 students take coffee and tea; 12 students take milk only; 5 students take coffee only and 8 students take tea only. then the number of students who did not take any of three drinks is
In a certain office 72% of the workers prefer tea and 44% prefer coffee. If each of them prefers tea or coffee and 40 like both, the total number of workers in the office b. c. d. 320
In a class of 35 students, 24 like to play cricket and 16 like to play football. Also, each student likes to play at least one of the two games. How many students like to play both cricket and football?

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