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Question From class 14 Chapter SIMPLIFICATION

In a garden, there are 10 rows and 12 columns of mango trees. The distance between the two trees is 2 metres and a distance of one metre is left from all sides of the boundary of the garden. The length of the garden is (a) 20 m     (b) 22 m     (c) 24 m     (d) 26 m

The number of trees in each row of a garden is equal to the total number of rows in the garden. After 111 trees have been uprooted in a storm, there remain 10914 trees in the garden. The number of rows of trees in the garden is (a) 100      (b) 105     (c) 115      (d) 125
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Two trees, A and B are on the same side of a river. From a point C in the river the distance of trees A and B are 25 m and 300 m respectively. If the angle is , find the distance between the trees
Two trees A and B are on the same side of a river. From a point C in the river, the river, the distance of trees A and B are 250 m and 300 m and respectively. If , find the distance the trees. (Ise ).
A garden has 2000 threes. 12% of these are mango threes, 18% lemon and the rest are orange trees. Find the number of orange threes.
A garden is in the form of a rhombus whose side is 30 metres and the corresponding altitude is 16m. Find the cost of levelling the garden at the rate of Rs. 2 per .
Find the cost of fencing a semi-circular garden of radius 14 m at Rs. 10 per metre.
Find the cost of fencing a semi-circular garden of radius 14 m at Rs. 10 per metre.
Find the cost of fencing a circular garden of radius 21 m at Rs. 10 per metre.
A rectangular garden is surrounded by a road of width 2 m, the road is covered by tiles and the garden is fenced. If the total expenditure is Rs 51600 and rate of fencing is Rs 50 per metre, then the cost of covering 1 sq. m of road by tiles is (a) Rs 10 (b) Rs 50 (c) Rs 100 (d) Rs 150
Three boys are standing on a circular boundary of a fountain. They are at equal distance from each other. If the radius of the boundary is 5 m, the shortest distance between any two boys is (a) (b) (c) (d)
There are some rose flowers in a garden and some bees hovering around. If two bees land on each flower, one flower is left. If one bee lands on each flower, three bees are left. Find the number of flowers and bees in the garden respectively.SOLUTION(a) Assume the number of flowers in the garden as ' ' and number of bees as ' '.
Two ships are sailing in the sea on the two sides of a lighthouse. The angles of elevation of the top of the lighthouse as observed from the two ships are and respectively. If the lighthouse is 100 m high, the distance between the two ships is (a) 173 m (b) 200 m (c) 273 m (d) 300 m
Saili plants 4 saplings, in a row, in her garden. The distance between two adjacent saplings is Find the distance between the first and last sapling
The radius of a circular garden is 100m. There is a road 10m wide, running all around it. Find the area of the road and the cost of levelling it at Rs. 20 per . [Use ]

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