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Question From class 14 Chapter NUMBER SYSTEM, AVERAGE & AGE

In a class there are 35 girls and 20 boys and the total average weight of class is 38 Kg. Total average weight of boys is 52 kg. Find the approximate average weight of girls ?

32 kg

30 kg

52 kg

35 kg

Answer :


Solution :

Total weight of students kg <br> Total weight of boys kg <br> Average weight of girls

In a class, there are 30 boys and 20 girls. The average weight of 30 boys is 60 kg and average weight of 20 girls is 35 kg. Find the average weight of the class.
In a class of 25 boys and 20 girls, the mean weight of the boys is 40 kg and the mean weight of the girls is 35 kg. Find the mean weight of the class. <br> The following are the steps involved in solving the above problem. Arrange them in sequential order. <br> (A) The total weight of 25 boys kg <br> The total weight of 20 girls kg <br> (B) The mean weight of the class kg <br> (C) The total weight of 45 students = 1000 kg + 700 kg = 1700 kg
There are 50 students in a class in which boys are 8 more than the girls. Average weight of all the students is 50.5 kg and the average weight of all the girls is 48.5 kg then find the average weight of all the boys.
There are 50 students in a class, of which 40 are boys. The average weight of the class is 44 kg and that of the grils is 40 kg. find the average weight of the boys.
The average weight of boys in a class is 30 kg and the average weight of girls in the same class is 20 kg. If the average weight of the whole class is 23.25 kg, what could be the possible strength of boys and girls respectively in the same class? (a) 14 and 26   (b) 13 and 27 (c) 17 and 27    (d) None of these
In a class 15 boys and 20 girls average marks is 42. 15 boys average marks are 41.5.Find the average marks of girls?
The average weight of 45 students in a class is 52 kg. Five of them whose average weight is 48 kg leave the class and other 5 students whose average weight is 54 kg join the class. What is the new average weight (in kg) of the class? (b) (c) (d) None of these
The mean weight of 150 students in a certain class is 60 kg. The mean weight of boys in the class is 70 kg and that of girls is 55 kg. What is the number of boys in the class?
Find the mean weight (in kg) of 50 boys of a class whose total weight is 1550 kg.
एक कक्षा की लड़कियों का परीक्षा में प्राप्तांको का औसत 85 है और उसी कक्षा में लड़कों के प्राप्तांको का औसत 87 है। यदि लड़कियों और लड़के के अनुपात में है, तो पूरी कक्षा के औसत अंक (लगभग) कितने है ?
There are b boys and g girls in a class and the average of number of boys and the number of girls is 18. Then b+g=_____
किसी कक्षा की औसत आयु 15.8 वर्ष है। कक्षा में लडकों की औसत आयु 16.4 वर्ष है जबकि लडकियों की औसत आयु 15.4 वर्ष है। कक्षा में लडकों एवं लडकियों का अनुपात क्या है ?
किसी विद्यालय में, 50 विद्यर्थियो की कक्षा में 30 छात्राओ का औसत भार 16 kg तथा अन्य छात्रों का औसत भार 15.5 kg है । पूरी कक्षा का औसत भार ज्ञात करे?
Can the following measures be compared using the concept of ratio ? <br> (i) The length ( in cm) of the soft drink can in the freezer and temperature inside the freezer in <br> (ii) Average weight ( in kg) of boys in a class and average weight (in kg) of girls in that class.
एक परीक्षा में, एक कक्षा के लड़कियों के औसत प्राप्तअंक 73 है तथा लड़को का औसत प्राप्त अंक 71 है। पूरी कक्षा का औसत प्राप्तअंक यदि 71.8 है, तो लड़कियों का प्रतिशत ज्ञात करे ?

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