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Question From class 14 Chapter RATIO AND PROPORTION

In a class the ratio of female students  to male students is 16:9. What percentage o the class is female?

कक्षा A तथा कक्षा B के अंको का औसत 74 है । कक्षा A के छात्रो का औसत 77.5 तथा कक्षा B के छात्रो 70 है । कक्षा A तथा कक्षा B के छात्रो का अनुपात - करे ?
In a city, 75% of population is literate in which ratio of male to female is 9:5. And ratio of illiterate male to female is 3:2 . Find the ratio of literate female to illiterate female in that city .
In a primary school the average weight of male students is 65.9 kg and the average weight of female students is 57 kg. If the average weight of all the students (both male and female) is 60.3 kg and the number of male students in the school is 66, what is the number of female students in the school? (a) 162     (b) 168     (c) 180     (d) 112
A pair of students is selected at random from a probability class. The probability that the pair selected will consist of one male and one female student is . Find the maximum number of students the class can contain.
Number of students in 4th and 5th class in the ratio 6:11. 40% in class 4 are girls and 48% in class 5 are girls. What percentage of students in both the classes are boys ?
किसी विद्यालय में, 50 विद्यर्थियो की कक्षा में 30 छात्राओ का औसत भार 16 kg तथा अन्य छात्रों का औसत भार 15.5 kg है । पूरी कक्षा का औसत भार ज्ञात करे?
In a class there are 16 girls out of 40 students in total. Girls as a percentage of total students are
तीन कक्षाओं मे छात्रों का अनुपात : है। यदि प्रत्येक कक्षा मे 12 छात्र और आ जाए तो अनुपात हो जाता है। तो शुरुआत मे कुल छात्र कितने थे।
The average weight of the students of a class is . If eight new students of average weight join the class, the average weight of the entire class becomes . How many students were there in the class initially.
There are 20 girls and 15 boys in a class. (a) What is the ratio of number of girls to the number of boys? b) What is the ratio of number of girls to the students in the class?
In a class A of 25 students, 20 passed in first class; in another class B of 30 students, 24 passed in first class. In which class was a greater fraction of students getting first class?
The median of the following marks of students in a class, is
किसी कक्षा में छात्र तथा छात्राओ के अंको का औसत A है। कक्षा में छात्रो तथा छात्राओ का अनुपात है। यदि छात्रो के अंको का औसत है,तो छात्राओ के अंको का औसत ज्ञात करे ?
In a class, 45% of the students drink orange and 90% of the remaining students drink Maaza No student drinks both Maaza and orange. Find the percentage of students in the class who drink neither Maaza nor orange.
किसी कक्षा में 15 विद्यार्थीयो की आयु का औसत 15 वर्ष है। जिसमे 5 विद्यार्थीयो का औसत 14 वर्ष तथा अन्य 9 विद्यार्थीयो का औसत 16 वर्ष है । 15वे विद्यार्थी की आयु ज्ञात करे :

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