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In a class of 10 students, roll numbers are written on their respective chairs. Find the ways in which exactly 4 students do not sit on their chairs.

In a class of 10 students, roll numbers are written on their respective chairs. Find the ways in which exactly 4 students do not sit on their chairs.
In how many ways 4 persons can occupy 10 chairs in a row, if no two sit on adjacent chairs?
Ten IIT students and 2 DCE students sit in a row. The number of ways in which exactly 3 IIT students sit in between 2 DCE students
6 How many different ways can a person sit on 2 empty chairs?
The 10 students of Batch B feel they have some conceptual doubt on Circular-permutation. Mr. Mathew called them in discussion room and asked them to sit down around a circular table which is surrounded by 13 chairs. Mr Mathew told that his (Mr. Mathew) adjacent seat should not remain the number of ways, in which the students can sit around a round table ifMr. Mathew also sit on a chair .
In an examination hall there are four rows of chairs. Each row has 8 chairs one behind the other. There are two classes sitting for the examination with 16 students in each class. It is desired that i each row, all students belong to the same class and that no two adjacent row are allotted to the same class. In how many ways can these 32 students be seated?
There are four chairs with two chairs in each row. In how many ways can four persons be seated on the chairs, so that no chair remains unoccupied
A class has three teachers, Mr. P , Ms. Q, and Mrs. R and six students A,B,C,D,E,F. Number of ways in which they can be seated in a line of 9 chairs, if between any two teachers there are exactly two students, is then value of is ________.
A class has tree teachers, Mr. , Ms. and Mrs. and six students , B C D E F 9
The numbers of ways can 6 boys and 5 girls be arranged for a group photograph if the girls are to sit on chairs in row and the boys are to stand in a row behind them is
There are benches in a classroom. If 4 students sit on each bench, then three benches are left vacant and if 3 students sit on each bench, then 3 students are left standing. The total number of students in the class is (a) 36        (b) 42       (c) 48         (d) 54
Six students are contesting the election for the presidentship of the students' union. In how many ways can their names be listed on the ballot papers?
In a school auditorium, the number of chairs in a row is the same as the number of rows of chairs. There are 3948 students in the school. If we know that less than 22 chairs were empty, how many chairs were empty after all the students sat down?
In a set of studnets studying in the same class, two students are related 'if their weights are not equal' find the properties satisfied by it.
The number of ways in which 20 girls be seated round a table if there are only 10 chairs

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