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Question From class 7 Chapter Data Handling

In a class 15 boys and 20 girls average marks is 42. 15 boys average marks are 41.5.Find the average marks of girls?

The average marks of 50 students of a class is 76. If the average marks of all boys is 70 and that of all girls is 80 in that class, then find the number of boys in the class.
The average marks of boys in a class is 52 and that of girls is 42. The average marks of boys and girls combined is 50. The percentage of boys in the class is (1) 40                                                            (2) 20 (3) 80                                                            (4) 60
In a class, the average marks of boys is 520 and that of the girls is 420. If the average marks per student is 500, the percentage of boys in the class is …….
In a class of 100 students, there are 70 boys whose average marks in a subject is 75. If the average marks of the complete class is 72, then what is the average of the girls ?
In a class, there are 30 boys and 20 girls. The average weight of 30 boys is 60 kg and average weight of 20 girls is 35 kg. Find the average weight of the class.
50, वियार्थीयो की एक कक्षा में औसत अंक 72 है। उस विषय में लड़को और लड़कियों के औसत अंक क्रमस: 70 और 75 हो, तो लड़को की संख्या बताइये।
In a class there are 35 girls and 20 boys and the total average weight of class is 38 Kg. Total average weight of boys is 52 kg. Find the approximate average weight of girls ?
In a Mathematics test, the average marks of boys is and the average marks of girls is with If the average marks of all students is the ration of the number of girls to the total number of students is
The average age of all the students of a class is 18 years. The average age of boys of the class is 20 years and that of the girls is 15 years. If the number of girls in the class is 20, then find the number of boys in the class. (a) 15          (b) 30         (c) 45         (d) 50
एक कक्षा की लड़कियों का परीक्षा में प्राप्तांको का औसत 85 है और उसी कक्षा में लड़कों के प्राप्तांको का औसत 87 है। यदि लड़कियों और लड़के के अनुपात में है, तो पूरी कक्षा के औसत अंक (लगभग) कितने है ?
The marks of six boys in a group are 48, 59, 87, 37, 78 and 57. What are the average marks of all six boys? (a) 61      (b) 65     (c) 69     (d) None of these
किसी कक्षा की औसत आयु 15.8 वर्ष है। कक्षा में लडकों की औसत आयु 16.4 वर्ष है जबकि लडकियों की औसत आयु 15.4 वर्ष है। कक्षा में लडकों एवं लडकियों का अनुपात क्या है ?
There are b boys and g girls in a class and the average of number of boys and the number of girls is 18. Then b+g=_____
The average scored by the students of a class in English is 64. The average of marks scored by boys and the girls are respectively 68 and 58. Then find the ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls.

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Linear Equation: an equation involving only linear polynomials is called a linear equation

Solution: a value of the variable which when substituted for the variable in on equation makes is said to satisfy the equation and is called a solution or a root of the equation .

Solving an equation: solving an equation means determining its roots

Solving equations having variable terms on one side and number(s) on the other side

Transposition method

Solve :

Solve :

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