If `|vecAxxvecB|=sqrt3 vecA.vecB` then `|vecA+vecB|=`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Find the angle between `veca` and `vecb` if `|vecaxxvecb|` = `veca.vecb` Find the angle between `veca and vecb` If `|vecaxxvecb|=|veca.vecb|`. `|vecaxxvecb|=veca.vecb` எனில், வெக்டர்கள் `veca` மற்றும் `vecb`-க்கு இடையேயான கோணம் ------------- If `|veca|=13,|vecb|=5` and `veca.vecb = 60 `then `|vecaxxvecb|` is If `veca*vecb=|vecaxxvecb|`, then angle between vector `veca` and vector `vecb` is : If `|veca| = 13 |vecb| = 5 and veca.vecb = 60^@ ` then `|vecaxxvecb|` is सिद्ध करें कि `vecb^(2).veca=(veca.vecb)vecb+vecbxx(vecaxxvecb)`. If `|veca*vecb|=sqrt3|vecaxxvecb|`,then angle between `veca` and `vecb` is :

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