If `|\veca|=2,|\vecb|=sqrt3` and `veca.vecb=sqrt3`, find the angle between `veca` and `vecb`.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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If `|veca| = sqrt3,|vecb| = 2` and `veca.vecb = sqrt6`, then find the angle between `veca` and `vecb`. If `|\veca|=sqrt3,|\vecb|=2` and angle between `veca` and `vecb` is `60^o`. Find `veca.vecb`. If `veca.vecb=sqrt15,|vecb|=sqrt3` and angle between `veca and vecb" is "pi/3`, find `|veca|` If `|vecAxxvecB|=sqrt3 vecA.vecB` then `|vecA+vecB|=` Find the angle between two vectors `veca` and `vecb` such that : `|veca|=sqrt3,|vecb|=2` and `veca*vecb=sqrt6`. If `|veca*vecb|=sqrt3|vecaxxvecb|`,then angle between `veca` and `vecb` is : सदिशों `sqrt3(vecaxxvecb)` तथा `vecb- (veca .vecb) veca` के बीच का कोण है If `|veca|=sqrt3,|vecb|=2 and veca*vecb=sqrt6`. Then the angle between `veca` and `vecb` is : If `veca` and `vecb` are two vectors such that `|veca|=10,|vecb|=15" ""and"" "veca.vecb=75sqrt(2),`find the angle between `veca`and `vecb`. what is the angle between `veca and vecb, if veca. vecb = 3 and | veca xx vecb| = 3 sqrt3.` सदिशों `sqrt3(vecaxxvecb)` तथा `vecb- (veca .vecb) veca` के बीच का कोण है

Very Important Questions

FAQs on Vector Algebra

Two type of numbers - Vector and scalar.

Evolution of vector concept

Representation of vector direction sense magnitude of vector or length

Equal vectors, null vector, unit vectors, position vector, like and unlike vectors,collinear and parallel vectors

Co-initial vectors, coterminous vector and co-planar vectors,negative of a vector,reciprocal vectors

Free vector and localized vector

In a regular hexagon find which vectors are collinear, equal, coinitial, collinear but not equal.

Parallelogram law of addition of vectors

Properties of addition of vectors

Magnitude of addition of two vectors