If ` vec a \ a n d \ vec b` are two non-collinear unit vector, and ` ∣ ​ veca + vecb ∣ ​ = 3 ​ then (2 veca −5 vecb ).(3 veca + vecb )`=

Updated On: 21-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59 the question is If a vector and b vector is equal to non collinear unit vector and a vector Mod of a vector + b vector is equal to 3 then 25.3 + b vector is equal to so here in this question we have that A and B are the factors of their mode of a is equal to mode of the end this is equal to 1 now so we have that more mode of a + b vector is equal to 3 year is equal to know where we have to square both sides so here we have a vector + b vector whole square is equal to 9 so there in our left hand side we have mode of a square + Mod of beast clash of two into a dot b and that is equal to 9 Sohar putting our mode and the allowance where we have to and heavier oneplus a dot b is equal to 9
01:00 - 01:59 by 2 and here here here we have one plus a dot b is equal to 9 Y2 Pro from here a dot b is equal to 9 by 2 minus one and that is equal to 7 by to now here in this question we have to this is the value of h a dot b h a dot b this question we have to have to minus 5 b vector into heavy happy factor + b vector is equal to hair thick of a vector magnitude of a vector square + 2 a dot b minus 15 into a dot b minus 5 into magnitude of the square is equal to hai abhi aap 6th class
02:00 - 02:59 -3 13 - of 5 to from here we have the final value here is 6 minus 5 is a 1 Miner software 13 a.by as we know that a dot b is H 752 from here we have 1 - 13 into 7 by to now now here you can read this as 1 - 13 27 is 161 / after taking as same here we have - of 159 by two from here we can see that this is our final answer thank you

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Let `veca` and `vecb` be two non-collinear unit vectors. If `vecu=veca-(veca.vecb)vecb` and `vec=vecaxxvecb`, then `|vecv|` is If `veca, vecb,vec c` are unit vectors such that `veca+vecb+vec c=veco`, then the value of `veca*vecb+vecb*vec c+vec c*veca` is - If vectors `veca and vecb` are non collinear then `veca/(|veca|)+vecb/(|vecb|)` is (A) a unit vector (B) in the plane of `veca and vecb` (C) equally inclined to `veca and vecb` (D) perpendicular to `veca xx vecb` If ` vec a , vec ba n d vec c` are three non coplanar vectors, then `( veca + vecb + vecc )[( veca + vecb )×( veca + vecc )]` is : ?? ???? `veca` ?? `vecb` ?? ?????? ??? ?? `|veca|=4, |vecb|=3` ??? `veca. Vec b=6`, ?? ?????? `veca` ?? `vecb` ?? ??? ?? ??? ????? ????? ? सदिशों `(veca+vecb)` तथा `vec(a-vecb)`d के मध्य कोण की कोजया यदि `|veca|=2,|vecb|=1` तथा `veca^^vecb=60^(@)` होगी Let `vec a, vec b, vec c` are three vectors such that `veca .veca=vecb . vecb = vecc . vecc = 3 and |veca-vecb|^2+|vecb-vecc|^2+|vecc-veca|^2=27,` then If `veca and vecb` are unit vectors, then angle between `veca and vecb` for `sqrt3 ​ veca − vec`b to be unit vector is In a triangle `PQR, "let: aveca= vecQR= vecb= vecRP and vec c= vecPQ`. , <br> If `|veca|=3, |vecb|=4 and (veca. (vec c. vecb))/(vec. (veca- vecb))=(|veca|)/(|veca|+|vecb|)` then the value of `|vecaxx vecb|^(2)` is _____ Let `veca, vecb, vecc` be three non-zero vectors, which are pair-wise non-collinear. If `veca+ 3 vecb` is collinear with c and `vecb + 2 vecc` is collinear with `veca,` then `veca + 3 vecb + 6 vecc` is : Let `vecr=sinx (veca xx vecb)+cosy(vecb xx vec c)+2(vec c xx veca)`, where `veca, vecb` are non-collinear and `vec c, vecd` are also non-collinear then :

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