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Question From class 8 Chapter Direct and Inverse Proportions

If thickness of 14 card board is 35 mm, what would be the thickness of 294 similar card board?

If the thickness of a pile of 12 cardboards is 35 mm, find the thickness of a plie of 294 cardboards.
A square sheet of maximum area is cut out from a circular piece of card board of radius 14 cm. Find the area of the remaining card board (in ).
Two circular pieces of equal radii and maximum area, touching each other are cut out from a rectangular card board of dimensions . Find the area of the remaining card board.
Write the following steps in a sequential order to map the magnetic lines of force due to a current carrying straight conductor <br> (A) Pass a wire through the centre of a rectangular shaped card board <br> (B) Close the circuit. <br> (C) Tap the card board <br> (d) Sprinkle some iron filings on the card board <br> (E) connect the wire to a battery and a key <br> (F) Observe that the iron filings are arranged in concentric circular path with wire at the centre.
How many metal boxes of size can be packed in a card board box of size
A square sheet of maximum area is cut out from a circular piece of carboard of radius 21 cm. Find the area of the remaining card board.
Find the pressure exerted at the tip of a board pin, of area 0.1 , if it is pressed against the board with a force 15 N.
An open box with a square base is to be made out of a given quantity of card board of area square units. Show that the maximum volume of the box is cubic units.
A traffic signal board, indicating 'SCHOOL AHEAD' , is an equilateral triangle with side a. Find the area of the signal board, using Heron's formula. If its perimeter is 180 cm, what will be the area of the signal board?
An open box is to be made out of a piece of a square card board of sides 18 cm by cutting off equal squares from the corners and turning up the sides. Find the maximum volume of the box.
What is the popular name for debit card or credit card ?
What is the basic difference between Credit Card Authentication and Credit Card Authorization ?
A card is drawn at random from a pack of well-shurffled 52 playing cards. What is the probability that the card drawn is (i) a queen? (ii) a black card" (iii) not a face card ?
What is sound board ?
What is a Debit Card'?

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Introduction to Variation

Types of Variations

Types of Variations

Types of Variations

Types of Variations

Direct variations

Inverse variation

Direct variations (in mathematical form).

A car travels in of petrol . How far would it travel on 20 litres of petrol ?

Reema types 540 words during an hour . How many words would she type in 6 minutes ?