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Question From class 12 Chapter ALGEBRA OF VECTORS

If the position vector of a point find

If the position vector of a point find
Write the position vector of the point where the line meets the plane
The position vector of A , B are respectively. The position vector of C is then
If are position vectors of respectively, find the position vector of point produced such that
Find if two vector and are such that and .
If the position vector of a point A is divides AB in the ratio , then the position vector of B, is
is a point on the line through the point whose position vector is and the line is parallel to the vector . If the position vector of is: (a) (b) (c) (d)
If be the position vector whose tip is find the coordinates of a point such that the coordinates of being
If are two vectors and angle between them is then is unit vector, if
If the position vector of points A and B with respect to point P are respectively then find theposition vector of middle point of
If the position vector of these points are then the three points are
Distance of the point from the line is a. b. c. d. none of these
If is a position vector whose tip is Find the coordinates of the point such that if has coordinates
Given If is a vector such that then find the value of
If is a position vector of a point (1, -3) and A is another point (-1, 5), then what are the coordinates of the point B such that ?

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Two type of numbers - Vector and scalar.

Evolution of vector concept

Representation of vector direction sense magnitude of vector or length

Equal vectors, null vector, unit vectors, position vector, like and unlike vectors,collinear and parallel vectors

Co-initial vectors, coterminous vector and co-planar vectors,negative of a vector,reciprocal vectors

Free vector and localized vector

In a regular hexagon find which vectors are collinear, equal, coinitial, collinear but not equal.

Parallelogram law of addition of vectors

Properties of addition of vectors

Magnitude of addition of two vectors