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Question From class 11 Chapter DEFAULT

If the circumcentre of a triangle lies outside the triangle then the triangle is

का परिकेन्द्र, त्रिभुज के बाहर है, तब त्रिभुज है।
If the orthocenter of an isosceles triangle lies on the incircle of the triangle then A) the base angle of the triangle is B) the triangle is acute C) the base angle of the triangle is D) If S, I are the circumcentre and incentre and R is circumradius then
यदि O त्रिभुज ABC का परिकेन्द्र हे, जो त्रिभुज के अंदर स्तिथ हे, तो किसके बराबर होगा?
If in a triangle, the circumcentre does not lie on its longest side , then it must be an/a_____ triangle .
The three sides of a triangle are given by . If the points (-2,a) lies inside and (b,1) lies outside the triangle, then
If a triangle has its orthocentre at (1,1) and circumcentre at (3/2,3/4) then the coordinate of the centroid of triangle is
Circumcentre of triangle
यदि किसी समबाहु त्रिभुज का अन्तः केंद्र, त्रिभुज के अंदर स्तिथ है तथा उसकी त्रिज्या 3 cm है, तब समबाहु त्रिभुज की भुजा ज्ञात करे?
त्रिभुज ABC का परिकेन्द्र O हे, यदि हे, तो
Statement-1: If the circumcentre of a triangle lies at origin and centroid is the middle point of the line joining the points (2,3) and (4,7), then its orthocentre satisfies the relation <br> Statement-2: The circumcentre, centroid and the orthocentre of a triangle is on the same line and centroid divides the lines segment joining circumcentre in the ratio
Statement -1 : The circumcentre of the triangle formed by the lines x + y = 0 , x - y = 0 and x + 5 = 0 ( - 5 , 0) . <br> Statement-2 : Cicumcentre of a triangle lies inside the triangle
If the axes are translated to circumcentre formed by triangle (9,3), (-1,7) (-1,3) then the centroid of the triangle in the new system is :
The circumcentre and centroid of a triangle are and respectively. If one of the vertices of the triangle is , then what is the type of triangle?
If two vertices of a triangle are and and its orthocentre is then the third vertex of the triangle lies in (a) quadrant (b) quadrant (c) quadrant (d) quadrant
Determine whether the point lies inside or outside the triangle whose sides are and (A) Inside (B) Outside (C) Lies on triangle (D) none of these

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