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Question From class 11 Chapter DEFAULT

If the bisector of angle of the triangle makes an angle with , then

In a triangle ABC, if the median AD makes an angle with then
In any triangle ABC, if the angle bisector of and perpendicular bisector of BC intersect, prove that they intersect on the circumcircle of the triangle ABC
If the median AD of triangle ABC makes an angle with the side BC, then find the value of
In The bisector of AD is perpendicular to the side BC (see figure). Show that AB = AC and Is bisector.
ABC is a right triangle with AB = AC.If bisector of meet BC at D then prove that BC =2 AD .
Let triangle be an isosceles triangle with Suppose that the angle bisector of its angle B meets the side at a point and that Find angle A (in degrees).
किसी में AD, कोण का आंतरिक द्विभाजक का तथा भुजा BC को बिंदु D पर मिलता है । यदि BD=5cm,BC=7.5 m हो , तब AB:AC है ।
If the bisector of the angle A of triangle ABC meets BC in D, prove that
If the bisector of an angle of triangle bisects the opposite side then the triangle is
In a triangle ABC if , then
If in a triangle is the angular bisector of the angle ACB then CD is equal to
In a triangle ABC, D is a point on BC such that AD is the internal bisector of . Let and CD = AB. Then is
In triangle ABC,the bisector of interior angle A and the bisector angle C meet at point O. Prove that
If ABC is an equilateral triangle inscribed in a circle and P be any point on the minor arc BC which does not coincide with B or C, then prove that PA is angle bisector of .
A mirror is inclined at an angle of with the horizontal. If a ray of light is incident at an angle of incidence , then the reflected ray makes the following angle with horizontal <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/ARH_NEET_PHY_OBJ_V02_C09_E01_241_Q01.png" width="80%">

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Sine formula proof :Sine Rule

Problem on sine rule Type:-1(i) In a ; If ;find (ii) In a ; the angle of a triangle are in AP ; It is being given that

An object is observed from three points in the same horizontal line passing through the base of the object. The angle of elevation at is twice and at is thrice than that at . If prove that the height of the object is

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