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If the areas of three adjacent faces of a cuboid are Find the volume of the cuboid.

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If the areas of three adjacent faces of a cuboid are respectively, then the volume of the cuboid is (b) (c) (d)
The areas of three adjacent faces of a cuboid are x, y and z. If the volume is V, prove that .
The areas of three adjacent faces of a cuboid are If the volume is prove that
A teak wood log is cut first in the form of a cuboid of length of a certain thickness. Its volume is How many rectangular planks of size can be cut from the cuboid?
In a are points on the sides and respectively. For each of the following cases show that : . (ii) cm
Total number of faces of a cuboid is 4      (b)  6      (c)  8        (d)   12
Fill in the blanks to make the following statements true: A cuboid has .......... vertices. A cuboid has .......... edges A cuboid has .......... faces. The number of lateral faces of a cuboid is ......... A cuboid all of whose edges are equal is called a ......... Two adjacent faces of a cuboid meet in a line segment called its ......... Each edge of a cuboid can be obtained as a line segment in which two ......... meet. ......... edges of a cube (or cuboid) meet at each of its vertices. A ......... is a cuboid in which all the six faces are squares. The three concurrent edges of a cuboid meet at a point called the ......... of the cuboid.
Find the volume of a cuboid whose (i) length =12 c m ,breadth= 8cm , height = 6cm (ii) length = 1. 2 cm , breadth= 30 cm , height = 15 c m (iii) length = 15 cm ,breadth=2. 5dm, height = 8cm
Which of the following pairs of triangles are congruent? If they are congruent, write out the pairs of equal angles. .
The sides of certain triangles are given below. Determine which of them are right triangles. , and (ii) , and (iii) , and (iv) , and
In a , is the bisector of , meeting side at . If and , find . (ii) If and find . (iii) If , and , find .
Find the area of the following polygon, if Figure
The height of a right circular cylinder is 6 m. If three times the sum of the areas of its two circular faces is twice the area of the curved surface, then the radius of its base is (a) 1 m      (b) 2 m      (c) 3 m      (d) 4 m
If the areas of the three adjacent faces of a cuboidal box are 120 cm2, 72 cm2 and 60 cm2 respectively, then find the volume of the box. (a) 720 cm3 (b) 864 cm3 (c) 7200 cm3 (d)
is a rectangle with as any point in its interior. If then area of rectangle is: (b) (c) (d)
The dimensions of a cuboid with vertices are as shown in Figure. Which edges are of length 4cm? Which edges are of length 5cm? Which faces have area equal to Which faces have the largest area? What is this largest area? Which faces have a diagonal equal to What is the area of the base of this cuboid? Do all the lateral faces have the same area?
The breadth of a room is twice its height and half its length. The volume of the room is 512 cu. m. The length of the room is (a) 16 m       (b) 18 m        (c) 20 m        (d) 32 m
The dimensions of a cuboid are and If TSA is then the value of is
Triangles and are similar. If area , area and find (ii) If and , find the ratio of the areas of and .

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What we already learned in previous chapters. What we are going to learn in this chapter ?

Units of Measurment of Area and Volume

Conversion of units


Faces; Edges and Vertex

Cube and Solid cube

Surface area of a cuboid

Surface area of cube

Lateral surface area of a cuboid

Lateral surface area of cube

Important facts about cube and cuboid

Volume of a cuboid

Volume of a cube

What is Right Circular Cylinder

Base and axis of Right Circular Cylinder

Radius; Height and Lateral Surface

Curved (Lateral) Surface area of Right Circular Cylinder

Total Surface area of Right Circular Cylinder

Surface area of Hollow Cylinder

Volume of a Cylinder

Volume of a hollow Cylinder

What is Right Circular Cone?

Vertex; Base and Height of Cone

Radius; Height and Slant Height of Cone

Curved (Lateral) Surface area of Right Circular Cone

The Diameter of a Cone is 14cm and its slant height is 9 cm. Find the area of its curved Surface.

Total Surface Area of A Right Circular Cone

The Circumference of the base of a 10m high conical tent is 4 meters. Calculate the length of canvas used in making the tent If width of canvas is 2m.

Volume of a Right Circular Cone

The Base radii of two Right Circular Cone of the same height are in the ratio 3:5. Find the ratio of the volumes.

A cone of height 24 cm has a curved surface area . Find its volume.

What is Sphere ?


Spherical Shell

Surface area of Sphere and Hemisphere

Surface area of Spherical Shell

Find Curved and total surface area of hemishpere with radius 7m.

Find Curved and total surface area of Hemispherical shell with inner radius 7cm and outer radius 14cm.

Volume of Sphere and Hemisphere

Volume of Spherical Shell

Volume of two spheres are in ratio 64:27. Find the difference of their surface area; if the sum of their radii is 7.

CONE + CYLINDER : A tent iecomes as of the shape of a Right Right Circular Cylinder upto a height of 3m and then becomes a right circular cone with a maximum height of 13.5m above the ground. Calculate the cost of painting the innerside of the tent at the rate of Rs 2 per square meter; if the radius of the base is 14m.

CONE + HEMISPHER : A Cylinderical Container of radius 6cm and height 15cm is filled with ice cream. The whole icecream has to be distributed to 10 children in equal cones with hemispherical tops. If the height of the conicaal portion is 4 times the radius of base; find the radius of the ice-cream cone.

CYLINDER + HEMISPHER : A storage tank consists of a Circular Cylinder with a hemisphere adjoined on either end. If the external diameter of the cyliner be 1.4m and its length be 8m; Find the cost of painting it on the outside at the rate of Rs 10 per

CONE + CYLINDER + HEMISPHERE : A toy is in the shape of a right circular cylinder with a hemisphere on one end and a come on the other. The height and radius of the cylinderical part are 13cm and 5cm respectively. The radii of the hemispherical and conical parts are the same as that of the cylinderical part. Calculate the surface area of the toy if height of the conical part is 12 cm.

SHAPE CHANGE : How many spherical lead shots each 4.2cm in a diameter can be obtained from a rectangular solid of lead with dimension 66cm; 42 cm;21 cm.

SHAPE CHANGE by Melting : Three solid spheres of iron whose diameters are 2cm; 12 cm and 16 cm; respectively;are melted into a single solid sphere. Find the radius of the solid sphere.