If `p (m) = 3m^5 - 7m + 5m^3 + 2` , then : Degree of the polynomial ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Add the polynomial: `-7m^4+5m^3+sqrt(2),5m^4-3m^3+2m^2+3m-6` If `p (m) = 3m^5 - 7m + 5m^3 + 2` , then : <br> Write it in a coefficient form . खालील बहुपदीची बेरीज करा. <br> `-7m^(4)+5m^(3) +\sqrt{2} , 5m^(4)-3m^(3)+2m^(2)+3m-6` Add the given polynomials. <br> `-7m^(4) + 5m^(3) + sqrt(2), 5m^(4) - 3m^(3) + 2m^(2) + 3m-6` Add the given polynomials:<br> `-7m^4 +5m^3 +\sqrt{2}`, `5m^4 -3m^3 +2m^2 +3m -6`. If `p (m) = 3m^5 - 7m + 5m^3 + 2` , then : <br> Write it in the index form by considering all the missing terms with coefficient zero . खालील प्रत्येक बहुपदीतील `m^(3)` चा सहगुणक लिहा. <br> `(-2)/3 m^(3) -5m^(2) +7m-1` Write the coefficient of `m^3` in each of the given polynomials.<br> `-2.3 m^3 -5m^2 +7m -1`. Write the polynomial `3m^(2)+5m^(3) -8m +2` in co-efficient form and also state its degree. Write the given polynomial in coefficient form : `-(2)/(3)m^(3)-5m^(2)-7m-1` निम्नलिखित बहुपदो में प्रत्येक का घात लिखिए। <br> `5m^(3) + 4m^(2) + 7m` निम्नलिखित बहुपद की घात क्या होगी?<br> `5m^(3) + 4m^(2) + 7m` Simplify: `10m^2-9m+7m-3m^2-5m-8` Simplify the following: <br> `10m^(2) - 9m + 7m - 3m^(2) - 5m -8` The degree of polynomial `5m^2n-3` is………….

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